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collection of some of the light novels i have enjoyed over the years

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just a refresh on some light novels or other types found in the discussion until now, anong with a few i liked over the years. most are still being translated. this is simply a few suggestions to get the recommendation/ other novel list going

1)reccomendations page (not very complete, but if you've read everything so far and need something new, its a size-able list)

2) coiling dragon and steller transformations. and some other good ones your standard OP main charictar as they continually get stronger.

3) here you can find Arifureta, Ark, Re:monster, and Moonlight sculptor. all have their good and bad points, try it out

4) overlord, a rpg nerd is transferred to a world where he is a undead overlord. hes so op, but knows nothing about the new world.

5) and a few other odds and ends

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If all someone wants is a list of novels, check out Rwing's compilation.

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3collection of some of the light novels i have enjoyed over the years Empty thanks on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:15 pm

wow. there goes a few more weeks of my life.
thanks though, always nice to find a few more

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Thanks these will definitely be checked out

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I could kiss you or kick you. I can't decide.
I was going slowly over the first 'where-can-i-find-recommendations' thread in but now there are so many more possibilities that I can't figure if I'm delighted with the options or angry because it will destroy my real life!


No, seriously, thanks. Both of you.

Oh, wait, I've gone over a good part of the novels in the second 'where-can-i-find-recommendations'.
Nn, I can see some light ahead...

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The Batoto link generally has most of the things I've tried and recommend, but not all of it is golden. I would recommend Mushoku Tensei with a caution that I found it kind of dull later (reincarnation fantasy), as well as Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei which once again gets kind of dull later (sci-fi magic).

I second Arifureta, it's getting really good, as well as coiling dragon. Stellar Transformation is very good but be prepared for a looong read. The scale of Stellar transformation is very large starting from a very small area and eventually expanding drastically large.

My MMO series recommendations are moonlight sculptor and ark (previously mentioned), and Only Sense online that is in the batoto recommendation.

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