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Spoiler posting guidelines

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1Spoiler posting guidelines Empty Spoiler posting guidelines on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:03 pm

While Tang Jia San Shao probably doesn't rank as one of the more subtle authors in how he handles foreshadowing and hints, not knowing some things for certain can still be fun. Therefore I will assume that there will be people who would like some things spoiled, but not all of them, and ask you to take that into consideration. To ensure that nobody has to read spoilers that ruin the experience for them, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Try to keep separate spoilers in separate topics
If someone enters a topic to learn about the third companion of the Golden Iron Triangle, they shouldn't suddenly have to read about Zhao Wuji's cross-dressing hobby. It's perfectly fine to create new topics for new questions.

Use spoiler tags where appropriate
They exist:
so use them
when something is a bit too unexpected. Feel free to tag the title with just what you're spoiling, like
Zhao Wuji's secret hobby:
He's quite the celebrity in the Suotuo City drag queen circuit.

Tag what you're spoiling
Not just when using spoiler tags, but when making topics too. Try to be as specific about what you're spoiling as possible without spoiling it. Tag your title with when you're spoiling (as specific as possible, whether chapter number, character age, era) as well as what. Like "Chapter 38 What the spider legs are really about" or "Halfway through the story, Tang San's fifth spirit ring".

TheVampirate:Another thing don't put spoilers in the title everyone can see the title on the front page

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