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Spirit System

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1Spirit System Empty Spirit System on Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:22 pm

Hi, while I'm not the almighty that knows everything, I might be wrong so please correct me if I'm wrong thanks. And I'm not really good at summarize but I'll try my best.
Please do note that what I wrote have a little spoiler and I think it won't harm you at all.

About Spirit and Spirit Master:
Every people was born with a spirit. The spirit awakens when the children reach six years old. As long as a spirit awakens, they become Spirit Scholar. This awakening process must be done by a spirit master.

With spirit awakening, people with reveal his own spirit power. The amount of spirit power is extremely important as its decide one destiny. When spirit awakening one don't have spirit power, it is destined to not able to become a spirit master. The amount of spirit power when spirit awakening also decide starting level and cultivation rate, the higher spirit power equals to higher cultivation rate. If one is innately capable of attaining the highest spirit power is known as innate full spirit power. Also higher level spirit will generally awaken higher spirit power. Note that having spirit power is fairly rare.

Spirit commonly has two large categories: Tool Spirits and Beast Spirits. Their only difference are in their manifestation.
- Tool spirits possess effects that can be used independent of the body. Food Spirits and Plant Spirit also category as tool spirits.
- Beast spirits when employed, the beast’s power and characteristic are added to spirit master body achieving human-spirit unity. It can enhance power, speed, defense, etc.

Spirit Master Type in Battles
Under Construction

Spirit Variation is in case a spirit evolve its form or its abilities rather than preserving its own form. The chance for it to happen is Random. The result can be becoming stronger spirit and it also can become weaker. Eg: Grandmaster's spirit. (Sorry I can't reveal Grandmaster's spirit variation from what spirit as it is a big spoiler)

Spirit also has its own rank, the higher a spirit rank, the more powerful it will become. and The higher rank spirit can also has a unique effect to lower rank spirit. Example: Ma Hongjun's Phoenix Spirit
Spirit Rank Effect:
Phoenix is the king of bird, when a spirit master with Phoenix Spirit hunting bird type spirit beast or battling against bird type spirit master, Phoenix can cause a massive overwhelming pressure against its opponent causing its opponent decrease battle abilities and other effects.

Twin Spirit
Spirits are generally inherited from one of the parents, but only powerful one.
Twin spirit can also be said as Spirit Variation as one inherit both Spirit from his parents. This is a very rare chance for this to happen. In all of Douluo continent history, only 3 people have it. (1 Died, 2 Alive)
In this case with Tang San as example own Hammer Tool Spirit and Plant Tool Spirit. Tang San now only his Plant Tool Spirit Ring first not because it cannot give his Hammer Spirit Ring, but because when Spirit Master has reach Title Douluo and start giving Hammer Spirit Ring, you can guess what level of Ring can be given to the Hammer. (See the limit below)

(More explanation will be spoil later)

About Spirit Ring + Spirit Bones from Spirit Beast:
Obtaining a Spirit Ring ensure the Spirit masters breakthrough to next rank and obtain a new title. A spirit ring can only be absorb when a spirit master has reach its threshold of its rank, eg: 10 rank. If a spirit master kill a spirit beast when his rank before reaching his threshold, then it cannot absorb its spirit ring.

Every spirit beast has its own cultivation measured with years. and by obtaining a spirit ring according to spirit cultivation years will have different colors, basically they have five level as such:

Cultivation Year Color
Ten Years (10 - 99) White Color
Hundred Years (100 - 999) Yellow Color
Thousand Years (1.000 - 9.999) Purple Color
Ten Thousand Years (10.000 - 99.999) Black Color
Hundred Thousand Years (100.000 - 999.999) Red Color
Million Years (> 1.000.000) Gold Color

There are 2 conditions which will increase the quality of Spirit Ring drop by Spirit Beast when dying:
1. When dying, Spirit Beast is in frenzy, rage, hate their killer. This condition will greatly increase difficulty when absorbing its spirit ring but will also increase more spirit power to the spirit master. Ex: Lv 30 Spirit Master after absorb spirit ring become Lv 32.
2. Also when dying, but the Spirit Beast willingly give its spirit ring. This condition will greatly reduce difficulty when absorbing its spirit ring, but will also increase spirit power.

Spirit Ring Limit:
Spirit Master in each rank / title can only absorb a certain level of spirit ring. The limits are:
1st ring - Yellow [423 years] - Chapter 8
2nd ring - Yellow [762 years]
3rd ring - Purple [1.760 years]
4th ring - Purple [5.000 years]
5th ring - Black [12.000 years]
6th ring - Black [20.000 years]
7th ring - Black [30.000 - 50.000 years]
8th ring - Black [50.000 years]
9th ring - Red [100 000+ years]

The value still need confirmation

Spirit Ring Abilities
Spirit Master obtain its abilities accordingly from the spirit beast it kill and the ring it absorb. If different Spirit Master obtain the same Spirit Ring, their obtained abilities will be different.
This doesn't not apply to the same type Spirit Master obtaining Same Spirit Ring, eg: both spirit master are hammer type.

Each Spirit Master after obtaining a Spirit Ring, Their overall abilities will increase its effect or duration. Spirit Rings in certain level are very important to the Spirit Master and it is 3rd Ring, 5th Ring, and 7th Ring.

Red Rings are different with other color rings because [Hidden until more chapters]

Spirit Bones
Spirit Bones is relic from killing the Spirit Beast. The chances for it to drop from Spirit Beast is less than 0.001%
There is also an unique Spirit Bones called External Spirit Bones bones, which are a kind of miraculous existence. The requirement for absorbing the External Spirit Bone is one must first absorb the Spirit Ring of the Spirit Beast this spirit bone came from. External Spirit Bones appear other than 6 Spot inside the body and the chances for it to drop is less than than 0.0001%. The Spirit Bones can also be obtained by killing Spirit Master that own it, so a Spirit Master will not easily reveal their Spirit Bones even if they have one.

The drop chances will increase in these conditions below:
a. The higher spirit beast year, the higher chance dropping spirit bone.
b. Spirit Beast die in these condition: frenzy, rage, hate, unwilling, etc negative feeling to their killer.

The spot for Internal Spirit Bones are: Head, Torso, Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg.
Currently the spot External Spirit Bones is: Vertebrata.

Spirit Bones is differ from Spirit Rings, it doesn't require like spirit rings for whoever kills the spirit beast to use it and after obtaining spirit bones they can even be traded. But if a Spirit Master absorb both Spirit Ring and Spirit Bone from the same Spirit Beast will equal to increasing the Spirit Ring abilities. Spirit Bones also have its grade, the more complete the bones, the higher it's effect are. Spirit Bones might not add abilities, but the improvement to the Spirit Masters themselves is tremendous. Spirit bones will not be restricted by the age of their spirit beast, and will only evolve along with the Spirit Master’s own strength. In other words, the earlier spirit bones are obtained, the more time it will have to evolve.
Note: The evolved one are External Spirit Bones.

Spirit Bones drop by hundred thousand year Spirit Beast are different with Spirit Bones drop by less than hundred thousand year Spirit Beast, because [Hidden until more chapters]

About Spirit Master Rank - Title:
For every rank, spirit master will have different title, as such:

00 - 10 Rank < Spirit Scholar >
11 - 20 Rank < Spirit Master >
21 - 30 Rank < Spirit Grandmaster >
31 - 40 Rank < Spirit Elder >
41 - 50 Rank < Spirit Ancestor >
51 - 60 Rank < Spirit King >
61 - 70 Rank < Spirit Emperor >
71 - 80 Rank < Spirit Sage >
81 - 90 Rank < Spirit Douluo >
91 - 94 Rank < Title Douluo >
95 - 97 Rank < Super DouLuo >
98 Rank < Limit DouLuo >
99 Rank < Peerless DouLuo >
100 Rank < God >

For every Title Douluo will receive its own unique "Title" base on its own characteristic. eg: Fire Douluo, a spirit master with fire spirit and reaching rank 91 above. Note: This is just an example and its doesn't have relation in the web novel

Title Douluo unique characteristic
Hidden until the chapter reach it. Laughing

There is still many things that hasn't been added since it will be just a spoiler.

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2Spirit System Empty Re: Spirit System on Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:08 am

There are a few things to correct:

  • Everyone has a spirit. There's no such thing as not having one.
  • Those battle types you mentioned are by far not an exhaustive list. In battle, Spirit Masters can be divided into two general types: Battle Spirit Master and Support Spirit Master. These can further be subdivided according to growth direction, into a much larger number of systems. Battle Spirit Masters can be control system (Tang San), physical strength system (Zhao Wuji), power attack system (Dai Mubai), assault system (Xiao Wu - I could also call it stormtrooper or blitzkrieg), agility attack system (Zhu Zhuqing) and so on.
  • Control system is more about crowd control and enemy debuffing than it is about coordination.
  • Spirit variation is essentially a random mutation.
  • Not sure where the 5 twin spirit users came from. Grandmaster once mentioned Tang San is the third in a hundred years.
  • It should be Spirit Emperor, not Spirit God.

A few things to add:

  • Spirits are generally inherited from one of the parents. This is how clans with powerful spirits can exist.
  • Having spirit power is fairly rare - recall that Su Yuntao searched several villages and only found Tang San.
  • Spirits are awakened by a spirit master, not spontaneously.
  • A higher level spirit will generally awaken a higher spirit power.
  • The spirit ring limit is measured in years, and to my memory it's:

    1. 424 years
    2. 762 years
    3. 1 760 years
    4. 5 000 years
    5. 12 000 years
    6. 20 000 years
    7. 30 000 - 50 000 years
    8. 50 000+ years
    9. 100 000+ years

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3Spirit System Empty Re: Spirit System on Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:14 am

Grandmaster - Chapter 5 wrote:"I have investigated six hundred forty seven people with blue silver grass spirits. Among them were sixteen with spirit power, so the odds are less than three in a hundred. And even these sixteen people possessing spirit power did not have spirit power ability exceeding the first rank, and yet your innate full spirit power is of the tenth rank. According to my research in the first of the ten great core spirit competencies, innate spirit power size is in direct ratio with the quality of the spirit. Blue silver grass is obviously unable to measure up, therefore I can conclude that you should still have another spirit, and also that it is an extraordinarily powerful spirit."

... Tang San argues that he could be an exception ...

"That’s right, everything has exceptions, but your spirit is blue silver grass, therefore you clearly are not that exception. In the last hundred years in Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire, although twin spirits have only appeared twice, innate full spirit power has appeared nineteen times. I have carefully studied each of those spirits, and not one wasn’t formidable. The youngest one has now already reached the spirit grandmaster level. Other than fourteen who inherited formidable spirits from clan blood lineage, there were five exceptions."

"They did not come from a privileged background, but also possessed innate full spirit power. And this kind of unexpected existence is exactly variation spirits. On the basis of my many years of research in variation spirits, never has any kind of spirit with blue silver grass spirit produced a variation. And your blue silver grass spirit is also an ordinary blue silver grass, therefore, I can be completely confident that my judgement is correct."
We can follow his thought process:

647 Silver Grass spirit users investigated;
16 of those 647 had spirit power;
According to his research, innate power is relative to spirit quality;
Silver Grass spirit is low quality; thus can't have full innate power;
Only 2 other spirit users having twin spirits in the last hundred years; (kinda irrelevant)
19 cases of innate full spirit power were found in the same period of time; all of them were formidable spirits; mostly they were inherited from clan blood lineage; except 5 that were actually variation spirits;
In many years NEVER a Silver Grass spirit produced a variation;
Thus, it's concluded that Tang San must have another spirit.

People must be confusing the "5 exceptions" being "5 twin spirit users".
Or two more twin spirit users will be found later. Dunno.

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4Spirit System Empty Re: Spirit System on Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:45 pm

Thanks Bagelson and David for perfecting my knowledges and now I'm gonna make it more perfect.

and about the twin spirit users, I say it no more than 5 it doesn't mean have to be 5 right? But to clarify I'll change it.
And Grandmaster only know from what gathered at Spirit Hall, there are many things that Grandmaster doesn't know.

About The Spirit Emperor, I copy-paste from Volume Version, so pardon me Smile

About the spirit ring limit refer to normal people and it can't even compare to MC and co. Can someone help me confirm this limits? I'm gonna make reference for it.

Currently Twin Spirit Theory is off limit so I won't explain even if I know it, just got to wait. But I can say MC's spirit is special.

Should I add about Spirit Inheritance? but that will somehow connecting to the Twin Spirit Inheritance?

Update Spirit Bones.

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5Spirit System Empty Re: Spirit System on Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:16 pm

I think limits for 1st and 3rd spirit rings were previously mentioned in the currently translations.
But if Bagelson says those are it, then those are it. He's the translator after all.

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6Spirit System Empty Re: Spirit System on Wed Dec 24, 2014 9:14 am

*Spirit bones will not be restricted by the age of their spirit beast, and will only evolve along with the Spirit Master’s own strength. In other words, the earlier spirit bones are obtained, the more time it will have to evolve.*

Is this true for ALL spirit bones? I was under the impression it was only true for the external spirit bone for some reason.

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7Spirit System Empty Re: Spirit System on Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:40 am

^ Should be all spirit bones, yes.

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8Spirit System Empty Re: Spirit System on Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:17 pm

^ I have read all of them, the one actually evolve is the External one.

EDIT: all chapters yes I completed it.

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9Spirit System Empty Re: Spirit System on Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:40 pm

to clarify: although the spirit beast safe age limit is a guideline, its not absolute, its possible to exceed it slightly if the spirit beast is a passive one. the power of spirit beasts can be reflected in their tendencies. aggressive ones tend to be stronger for their age.

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