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Twin Spirits = Double the number of Spirit Rings?

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The way I understood the first explanation of the whole spirit rings thing, a person can only add a spirit ring when their levels are at the thresholds.

Does this mean that Tang San can only add nine rings total? As in, each time he gets to a threshold, he can add one ring to either spirit, but not to both?

If this is so, then is the 'limit' that is understood to exist at level 100 actually a limit and not just a barrier that has yet to be broken through? Like for Grandmaster, his limit is the 30th rank, even though other spirit masters have broken through it?

Just something I've been thinking about

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This hasn't been confirmed in the story, but the prevailing theory is that while spirit power limits what ring you can add, and while a spirit can only have a certain number of rings, and while you need a spirit ring to break through the level, if you were to have a second spirit you could add rings to it at whatever level you were at. This wouldn't increase your spirit power cap, just give more rings to your second spirit.

The logic is then that Grandmaster is forbidding Tang San from adding rings to his spirit in order to later add only ten thousand year level spirit rings, making it a super powered hammer of mass destruction.

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But wouldn't that make twin spirits way, way too OP? If you can train to your utmost using just one spirit, adding the highest available rank rings, then, when you've reached your limit, add the same number of rings, but all the same color. The resulting spirit would be incredibly powerful compared to other spirits.

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Refer to Spirit Ring Limit Theory, if more Spirit Ring > Body Limit = Die

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Those are my thoughts about the matter:
David wrote:We'll meet some plot device for this later, I'm sure.
Like a legendary ring that allows extra rings; or to absorb rings without penalty.

But I still think he has 9 extra ring slots in the hammer. The question is "how" they'll be accessible.
a) Slots are unlocked at the same time as Silver Grass, so he has 3 free slots currently;
b) Slots need more cultivation to increase spirit power capacity to hold the new rings (up to 200th rank).

If a) it explains why they want him to wait. To put OP rings after you used Silver Grass as scapegoat;
If b) maybe it's because it's a special spirit and each ring added to it gives a super spirit power boost that could be dangerous in his current limited self.

Or something.

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Iridium wrote:But wouldn't that make twin spirits way, way too OP? If you can train to your utmost using just one spirit, adding the highest available rank rings, then, when you've reached your limit, add the same number of rings, but all the same color. The resulting spirit would be incredibly powerful compared to other spirits.
Yes and no, no because its almost impossible for someone to have twin spirits and the odds of having a good spirit as one of those is also super unlikely. If the odds are like 1 in a hundred billion its really not that OP. If someone managed to have double spirits at 50 they might only be as strong as a lvl 60 due to the fact that at level 60 they have the opportunity to have a 25k year ring vs a 10k ring on top of the additional spirit power. earlier rings may not matter as much in high end spirit battles however the most powerful ring and the total amount of spirit power make a huge difference. someone who managed to reach beyond the 90th rank is already someone at god level power adding on more rings at that point is kind of pointless. remember that after reaching lvl 90 you get a special title just for you, most of the high end spirit masters can only dream of coming close let alone reaching it.

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In Douluo Continent almost everything is decide by strength, even if you're title douluo the same as your enemy, when you level is lower than the enemy say lv 91 and the enemy lv 93. I can say lv 91 will lose except if he has a spirit that advantage against his enemy. My point is every spirit master will thrive toward having more powerful ring and if they're twin spirit they will want to obtain more power spirit ring.

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if there is double spirit rings for having duel spirits then maybe he can cover his weakness to fire with a water element hammer?

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The only reason he has a weakness against fire is because he uses Blue Silver Grass. The hammer will probably several times more powerful than the grass, without any inherent weakness to fire. Since he can't use both, he might as well just make the hammer as powerful as possible and use it instead of grass when going up against fire enemies.

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Sorry for my bad english.
Ok, going to mention my theory about this.
Let's go about how his father and Grandmaster mention Tang is not allowed to absorb spirit rings with his hammer.

This mean if Tang try to absorb one ring in the hammer, he cannot absorb more rings even if he want then he need to absorb 9 rings in his blue grass first and absorb one ring with his hammer. Doubt the hammer can absorb 9 rings since the "growth" seems like he rely in grass to grow then the hammer can absorb only one ring.

Well let me explain this:
he can absorb rings to his hammer as he is right now however he was told not to. If he wanted to he could absorb 3 rings to his hammer right now (current translated chapter), but they would be 1000 year old rings at best, because this is what his body can handle. If he reaches dulio rank with his silver grass and starts to absorb rings on his hammer then, he can absorb all red rings making the hammer extremely powerful. So basically the more powerful (read higher level) he is when he starts adding rings to the hammer the more powerful the rings can be.

Mod Edit: This topic is for speculation only. Any spoilers go in the spoiler discussion forum

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Yes I'm pretty sure he can add rings to his hammer spirit as well. From what I've read, I remember Grandmaster telling Tang San not to put any rings into his hammer. This probably means he has the ability to do so.

From further speculation I think he needs to be a higher spirit rank before undergoing extra rings due to the stress it would put on his body (remember the 3rd ring skill). That, and the fact that Tang San can only use the hammer a few times before depleting all his energy even though it has no rings, makes it seem ridiculously too strong.

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13Twin Spirits = Double the number of Spirit Rings? Empty A reply correctly? on Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:38 am


This is my own theory of it.
The spirits exist independently of each other in a Twin Spirit Masters body. Meaning that when only one spirit is needed for further cultivation. This means that each of the two spirits can absorb a ring every tenth rank (mentioned somewhere, probably by GM before Tang San gets his first ring).
However the body decides the 'quality' of the spirit ring which can be absorbed. So when you absorb a spirit ring in quality above what the body can hold there is inherent danger (such as Tang San's third ring). If the body has then been modified/strengthened enough it can withstand a higher quality ring.
So by neglecting the hammer early on it can get higher quality rings producing a greater result in the end. (I believe around the Dugu Bo part, it was mentioned that even if they were Title Douluo their first ring was still a hundred year ring, and therefore it's quality wasn't that good).
It should also be remembered that their physical qualities are increased by obtaining new rings, so getting more rings could also mean a greater strength. (Not sure i phrased that last sentence correctly. Example: a 100 year ring adds 4 % to the physique and a 10000 year maybe 8-9 %. So by only adding black rings to the spirit he becomes 108 % stronger, where a regular configuration of 0|2|2|4|1 probably adds around 60-70 % stronger) - Well the example is horrible and the numbers are just flung out, but hopefully it stresses the importance of waiting with the adding of rings, both passively (basic strength and speed support) and actively (higher quality spirit).

And the TL;DR version would be: Waiting with upgrading the hammer makes him even more OP even if he can get the rings early on. And that he can get 9 rings for each spirit.

Just imagine the glorious spectacle of fighting 18 spirit rings.

14Twin Spirits = Double the number of Spirit Rings? Empty a bit different theory on Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:12 pm


I have not read ahead in the story but this is my theory:

I think the reason he was told not to add rings to his hammer is b/c the spirit itself is far too strong for him to use as he is now. In other words just adding a hundred year spirit ring to the hammer could be exceedingly dangerous and possibly put him at greater risk than his most recent experience with the spider.

Here are the reasons I suspect something like this to be the case:
-I forget the exact name of it but on that spirit seal thing with the prominent families represented a hammer is show as being one of the most prominent two comparing a top of the line spirit with a blue grass would be like an ant to a blue whale.
-the other reason I suspect this is because of how powerful the hammer already is: it was able to injure the spider(with no rings or boosted abilities) while his grass was almost worthless against it
-the most compelling reason for this is he doesn't have effortless control over the hammer in its current state(it is hard for him to use it often) he has never had this problem with his grass spirit.
-the final reason I suspect this is due to the difference in nature b/w the two spirits: hammer(power and offense) grass(technique and control) it is possible that the hammer receiving rings would conflict with the grass resulting in both having sub-optimal growth.

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he can get 18 spirt rings but they might conflict and kill him

16Twin Spirits = Double the number of Spirit Rings? Empty 18 Spirit Rings on Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:15 am


Tang San can get a maximum of 18 spirit rings. The problem with this is that he can only have 1 spirit active at any one time so he can only have 9 rings out. In theory his hammer could have a maximum of 9 red (100,000) spirit rings but due to the rarity of these beasts that is unlikely. It is also theorised that adding spirit rings to his hammer might overpower his body and kill him however due to the opening of his 8 meridians along the story and the training with the Poison Duolo at the fountain along with the fire and ice herbs he is capable of withstanding ridiculous absorptions as seen with his 4th black spirit ring.

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