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Who is Tang San Father ( Tang Hao ) Exactly is?

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Tang Hao is Title Duolu?
The ONe that beat up Zhao Wu ji is Tang San Father?

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That's what we all believe. I didn't read ahead, but it's kinda obvious from the way the author puts it.

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Seeing that this IS a spoiler thread, I'll be answering questions in here.
Tang Hao is a Title Dou Luo, and one of the strongest too. He once like wrecked 3 ppl of his same level(not unscathed of course but still).

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@Fraustarrow, spoiler tag please if possible...

About Tang Hao:
yes, the world youngest reach Title DouLuo

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why the spoiler tag? it is a spoiler thread if u don't wanna be soiled don't come here Very Happy i mean i know u will click it Very Happy even if there was a spoiler tag.

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@ser4 well the rules say so, so I just follow it.
No offense though Laughing

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Well, the guidelines say:
Spoiler Guidelines wrote:Use spoiler tags where appropriate when something is a bit too unexpected.
The title of the spoiler thread is about who's Tang Hao, I don't think what was spoiled until now is any unexpected.

An unexpected thing would be saying something like "He's also not really Tang San's father" <-- false
That would be so unexpected that it'd be appropriate to put under a spoiler tag since it's not about his identity but the relationship with someone else.

But in the end I guess it depends on personal judgement.

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