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1Blog stats Empty Blog stats on Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:55 pm

In lieu of an actual release, you can have something equally fascinating to read: blog stats!

The blog has been up for a week now, and Wordpress kindly provides a slew of interesting statistics to look at. Perhaps too interesting; it's kinda distracting. Anyway, here are some basic statistics:

View counts
In total since launch, the blog has had about 29k views. That's any page being opened, so one visitor will usually generate multiple views. The first couple of days seemed fast, with 354 views on the first day, which ballooned to 851 views on the second day, before exploding over 4k views on the third, and has sat at just over 5k daily views ever since. I'm thinking it should drop a bit around now, as it's the middle of the week and the intrepid readers are done clicking around everywhere to see what happens. About a third of the views go to the Chapter List, with another third on the top couple of Categories and Tags. Naturally the most recent posts get the most views, only the Prologue managing to hold on to the bottom of the top list. Considering how the Prologue has more views than chapter 1, I guess I really should get around to retranslating it.

I'm not quite sure how well Wordpress separates unique viewers, so let's just say that the viewer count seems to have stabilized between 1-1.2k per day.

By far the largest amount of referrals come in from Xagnam's Recommendations post on, clocking in at nearly 7k referrals, more than twelve times Google searches in second place, and eighteen times my own announcement topics on Reddit. Those are still twice the referrals from Animesuki and the Google Drive documents, with earning an honorable mention for almost reaching a hundred referrals. This forum is responsible for 14, btw.

Most visitors don't click through anywhere from the blog, but of those who do the majority go for the GDrive folder, at over 1k clicks, followed by this forum at 144. The rest haven't really earned any exposition.

Views by Countries
Not surprisingly, the US holds by far the largest share at nearly 10k, roughly a third of all views. Overall, Canada holds the second spot at 1.8k, but on any one day it risks being beaten out by the other high rankers, Indonesia and Australia. Close at their heels, but never quite able to catch up, the top list continues with Germany, the Philippines, UK and France, before the sharp drop below 1k to Sweden, India, etc.

There have also been 60 comments, though 8 of those are my own.

(Isn't statistics fun?)

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2Blog stats Empty Re: Blog stats on Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:45 pm

Maybe you could get more access from Google docs if you had a link in the discussion doc's header, together with the forum's. I always go there to get the forum's link. hahaha~

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3Blog stats Empty Re: Blog stats on Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:08 pm

Despite having zero data to back it up I'm willing to bet that the forum posters are going to be the more vocal minority coming from the Google docs' comments page and less of the quiet leachers looking for the chapters. Despite having twice the comments I would expect less than half of the blogs hits and traffic. I'll have to look to see if there's better statistics on the forum in the administration section.

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4Blog stats Empty Re: Blog stats on Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:07 pm


how about a update about the blog stats? i think itll be really interesting to compare.

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