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1Google doc Spoilers  Empty Google doc Spoilers on Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:07 pm

Well since no one decided to do this here are some spoilers for you from the discussion in Google doc.
This was a Google doc where everybody could edit whatever they want some words were deleted some were changed by "pranksters" if any of the mods feel like feel free to edit this post if not i will eventually get to it Very Happy...also none of this is my contribution thanks to the people who spoiled for us.

2: Does tang add rings to his hammer? or something?
Yes but first was Black 10k ring, so it will take some time
Anon: wasnt it a red one he got from the titan ape?
3: What is the shopkeeper relation to grandmaster? -old hunting party?
The shopkeeper is the dean vol 20 .5
3.5: but is his relation to grandmaster explained later? how they knew each other well enough to know exactly what he was like
They don’t really talk about it but the Dean does have a one sided love Triangle with the Grandmaster(he gets the girl)
4: Any spoilers on the buddha fury tang lotus? still instakill for title level?
It was one of the three greatest hidden weapons
5: Has he ever re-found the tang sect?
6: This is still a work in progress right?
Avento : I’m pretty sure this is already completed since there’s already a douluo dalu part 2

Question: Do the Sausage Guy and Pagoda Girl get together in the end? 1:Is his dad title douluo?
Anon2: “   We are your parents have hotdog...”  .

Sieghelmont: When does the romantic relation ship with xiao wu begin?  
Anon: Ch 114

DagothUr: At what chapter does he get to add a ring to his hammer? btw, am loving this spoiler page ^_ ^

SpoilMEE: So anyone know who ends up with who at the end? I mean which guy with which girl for the people we know so far anyways?
BULl: You can click around some on the wiki to find that out.

Tang San (Silver Grass)
Spirit Beast
Datura Snake
Binding - restraint and mild paralysis
Ghost Vine
Parasite - spores and thorns
Human-Faced Magic Spider
? - web and neurotoxin
(Ch89 says it’s Black/10000)
Crypt Magic Spider
Blue Silver Cage - creates river grass cages as directed (Grass also turned pure Black in color)
Blue Silver Grass King?

Xiao Wu?
Physical Invincibility(for 3 seconds)



Tang San (Hammer of Wu)
Spirit Ring
Spirit Beast



Tang San (Spirit Bone)
8 slots
Bone Slot
Spirit Beast
Human Faced Spider
8 Poisoned Spider Legs/Blades
? Gained from Blue Sunshine Headmaster(?)
Increased Mental Focus/Threatening Eyeball Aura(?)
His mother (legacy)
Fly/Self Healing
Xiao Wu?
Teleport/ Invincibility

Xiao Wu (Beast Spirit Jade Rabbit)
Spirit Ring
Spirit Beast
Waist Bow increases waist strength by 100% + (spirit rank -10)
Red eye of confusion?
Physical Invincibility(for 3 seconds)
Soft Bone Lock

Dai Mubai (White Tiger) out
Spirit Ring
Spirit Beast

White Tiger Body Barrier

White Tiger Claw Attack(?)

White Tiger Armor(?)

White Tiger Meteor Shower

Oscar (Sausage)
Spirit Ring
Spirit Beast

Recovery (Large Sausage)

Detoxification (Small Sausage)
Flying Phoenix Crest Snake
Speed Boost and Fairy Wings (Mushroom Shaped Sausage)
(pink scorpion)
Berserk/Rage power-up (Red Chilly Pepper)

Ning Rongrong (Seven Treasures Tile Pagoda)
Spirit Ring
Spirit Beast
(100)(evolves to purple)

(100)(evolves to purple)


Increased Soul/Spirit Force
Armored Lizard

Zhu Zhuqing (Civet)
Spirit Ring
Spirit Beast

Claw/Blade attack(?)

100 Foot Dash Attack(?)

Stealth Attack(?)
Black Ghost Tiger
Splits into three forms that all attack
     Nether ZhuZhuQing civet, forty-one sensitive offensive line were fighting spirit, soul ring two purple and yellow, four soul of technology are: Nether thrusting, nether one hundred feet, cut the nether nether shadow avatar. - Chapter 89

Ma Hongjun (Combustible Free-range Chicken Phoenix)
Spirit Ring
Spirit Beast

Fire Jet - solid stream of fire at a set length

Brilliant Phoenix - flame aura that boosts fire abilities

Phoenix Wing Attack

Huge Fire landmine

What chapter do/does lil San and Wu get their 3rd ring?

I think this has been asked, but when do lil San and Wu see their relationship change from Brother/Sister to romantic? I think Wu is already wanting that based on some of her reactions San is just dense/thinking of age from his past life/has never been with a girl so does not know what to do or something like that. Also does anyone find it a little creepy that 12 and 14 year olds are sexually active (Fatty and Dai)? I know it’s fiction but innuendo and crude humor are different than explicitly stating Fatty has to have 3x a day or his fire/lust will cause problems. If it’s this bad at level 29 what happens as he levels up? does he basically old, it’s above the n have to spend all of his time like that?

Sirian: some answers for above :
Tang : Tang San’s 3rd ring will be 2000 years old (1700 is the safe limit), and will come from a “Human-Face Magic Spider”. The ring will make his grass thinner but even stronger (like spider thread), and also add more neurotoxin poison, as well as make it corrosive, meaning that the poison will seep even easier than before.
The ring unique ability is to shoot a net,the net wraps around it's target and gets tighter the more you struggle, while applying poison effects. but it consumes a third of his spirit power. The best part of his 3rd ring is something else though. It’s not quite the ring, but something he gets at the same time as the ring and linked to it.Turns out, Spirit masters can have up to 9 Spirit rings but also up to 6 "Spirit bones", they have only a small chance of appearing but unlike Spirit rings you don't need to kill the beast yourself, and they can be extremely overpowered. oh and Tang will get his 3rd ring around chapter 34, I think.
Xiao Wu : About Xiao Wu's 3rd ring, she'll get it about the same time as Tang, and although there's a bit of a mystery around it, I can tell you that her 3rd ring will be a purple one (thousand year ring) and the ability is Teleport (the range is 5 meters) and comes from the "Lightning Rabbit". Her 2nd ring ability was also called "Charm" once, and I'm not really sure if the color of her eyes is pink or red when she uses it.
The first ring is indeed "Waist Bow" and your numbers are correct, when she's rank 30 it's said that the strenght is 120%.

Altaris01: Does tang ever reach the max spirit rank? Or he just gets to a point and said fuck it and do other things?

Sirian : Not a spoiler : we already had a “flashforward” in one of the last chapters where the 7 students are called the 7 devils, and Tang is called “thousand hands douluo”, so I’m pretty sure he will reach max rank...

Question: Do the Shrek Devils have transformations in the novel?
{if you meant changing into their spirit body, then yes}

Question: What is ‘Spirit Bone’ and what effects does it have?

chapin145: Big thanks to Sirian for the spoilers so far. Does anyone know the age and spirit beasts that give Xiao Wu her abilities? Also does anyone know what a Spirit Bone does? Is it a weapon, an ingredient for a hidden weapon or does it provide a skill/ability? Thanks in advance. Also since this is about the seven devils should we also add a table for each of them? I can create the table but do not know the information to fill in
Sirian :who beat Zhao Wuji (the examiner for shreck academy).
Tang Hao, Tang San’s father

Question: it was stated on an earlier spoiler than Tang San got Xiao Wu as his sixth spirit ring, does that mean he killed her? is she dead or not?
chapin145: We know that Combat Continent 2 has the child of Tang and Xiao so it is safe to say that she is alive. ( Description CC2 from batoto: “Important! Douluo Dalu's Sequel (Don't need to read DD before reading this will it crumble due to a new essence system?”  so, are you sure ) A land without magic, dou-qi, martial arts, but have essence spirits.
This is the combat continent 10 000 years after the formation of Tang Sect. A new hero and his friend walks the land, a new "Seven Monsters of Shriek", will they keep up the name of the Tang Sect? Or ?)
chapin145: Pure speculation on my part, but … If you search around the net you will find that Tang and Xiao are lovers and have a child. I am pretty sure that he does not kill her. Remember how Grandmaster said the greatest benefit of the Silver Grass is that it can work with most any other spirit. Maybe he is able to “synchronize/combine” with her to become a combo beast/tool spirit when he activates that specific spirit ring. They already work very well together.

Spirit Bones, they will be explained after Tang gets one. They are very rare and powerful. They attach themselves to the spirit master’s body (or his soul, or his own bones, I’m not too sure). I don’t know much about them, but Tang’s first Soul bone is 8 spider legs on his back (about 3 meter long). He can make them appear out of his body or make them disappear at will (they turn into spirit power). With a spider leg, he can pierce through a tree like nothing. Also, the legs have a very dangerous purple toxin spreading rapidly, the things that get infected are slowly syphoned of their spirit power by Tang. Also, it seems that they will grow stronger when Tang will increase his spirit power, so it’s good to get them early, but only thousand year beasts and above have a chance to give spirit bones, the older the beast, the more chance of a spirit bone. There seems to be a market for them, so money can let you buy spirit bones, apparently (because they don’t have the same restrictions as Soul rings).

Question: Xiao Wu is apparently the reincarnation of someone as well or has some alternate identity of note? Can someone elaborate on this?

She is a spirit beast, evolved to human after 100,This has got to be the biggest spoiler that i have read in this thread. So every 100,000 years a spirit beast becomes human? Or is xiao wu  just a special one? There is no way xiao wu is gonna die… so there must be another way for him to have her as his spirit ring apart from killing her and getting her halo..Damn this ones a super big spoiler.
firespier: I think its more like a spirit beast needs to reach the 100 000 year stage bofre they can try to become human
Question: so what are the spirit ring does his hammer got?

Question: what are the names and power of the 6 current douluo?

No names but a taste of their power and character models of the other 5 rank 90s other than Tang San’s Father
Tang Hao

Question: does Xiao Wu actually hunts, or does she just unlocks a spirit ring due to the fact that she is a spirit beast turned human? That would also explain why she doesn't need to cultivate!!
iwanttoknowmore: I was starting to think along those lines too. Chapter 32 pushes in that direction.
Volendar: Answer for question from earlier by: chapin145- Also does anyone find it a little creepy that 12? and 14 year olds are sexually active…. explicitly stating Fatty has to have 3x a day or his fire/lust will cause problems.
-----bit of a long rant, mostly for those interested in cultural differences----
-although modern society is very different, for thousands of years this wouldn't have caught anyones attention. a few thousand years ago a 40 year old man marrying someone in their teens or less was not unusual. for other cultures being betrothed from birth was also common. you might condemn this practice as “barbaric acts” but really, thats because its what your culture tells you to think. someone who grew up with it wouldn’t even notice. as for sexually active pre-teens, that is hardly unheard of even in modern times. as soon as puberty hits, its fair game.(except if you follow modern law- which i do support) as for Fatty specifically it merely stated that his sexual drive is much stronger than normal, and since cultivation is mediation, it would be very difficult to do when you can't get girls off your mind.(basically to properly cultivate he has to do it twice a week) and trying to cultivate when backed up could potentially cause serious self-harm, especially since cultivation is essentially modifying your spirit (to be stronger), distraction or improper concentration could be debilitating or even fatal.

iwanttoknowmore: These are educated guesses made from viewing the Manhua
Tang San gets his second Spirit bone after being attacked by the Headmaster(maybe a teacher?) of the Blue Sunshine Academy and killing him with a poisoned hidden weapon needle. Later trading it with Ning Rongrong skull
Tang San’s forth Spirit ring is shown more blackish then purple so I believe its closer 8000ish years old
While training from 30 to 40 the Battle Spirit members materialize(?) their spirit power into weapons and armor
Tang Sang makes full sleeve armor while using just Blue River Spirit. While using his fourth Spirit ring he gains a black finish to the Spider blades(Spirit Bone) and wicked black trench coat
Xiao Wu gains more armor and seems extremely proficient at shooting her spirit energy as a bunny bullet
Dia Mubai creates a lightning sword and  further on a Tiger Saint Armor(?)
Zhu Zhuqing gains more armor and looks to be sharpening her spirit power into a blade for insanely fast and powerful attacks
Ma Hongjun ages while using full body spirit armor/form(?) because of his variant(?). He looks like a twenty year old Elf
Dia Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing Spirit Harmonization creates a giant form of Dia Mubai’s Spirit and gains a Fire Aura while fighting his older brother(?)
It seems almost all the 80 rank and Douluo rank holders directly or indirectly meet and take an interest in Tang San
Tang San fights this Green Snake Master(lv90s) - Grandfather of the Snake Girl from the Imperial Fighting Clan (they competed with Shrek Team in Suoto City Arena---  and after winning his respect by overcoming his attempts to kill(I think he tells Snake Master he can create a poison antidote for him and his Granddaughter. Apparently the snake poison continuously poisons their body and it killed his wife or daughter. He does not want his Granddaughter to die also) Tang San, he trains Tang San. After training in seclusion with the Snake Master, Tang San returns to Shriek Academy with gifts that Strengthen(the herbs Tang San brings back allow each of the Shrek Seven to gain 5-7 levels so they can get to level 40 quicker) the other students.
Shriek Academy gets a four new students (Shrek Academy gets moved to the Royal Capital, for several reasons. They take over an already existing school and rename it Shrek Academy. The school has three class levels: lvl 20-25 is basic, 25-30 is intermediate and over 30 is senior class. The original Shrek students are all placed in the Senior Class and this is where they get the new “teammates”). I believe they are a Gorilla variant, Wolf type animal, Tool(? assassin type spirit), and a Wand Auxiliary Spirit
Tang San fights powerful teens from the Major schools but The hammer one in different Arenas. Tang san also openly shows his hammer spirit during an Arena Dual
Grandmaster has a love triangle with a  Empress(lv90?) --- I think she is the Pope --- and a really Strong Spirit user with ties to Snake Master(love triangle?)He ends up dumping the Empress (Pope?)….(seems like a spiteful bitch)
Most of the 7 devils collect their 40th spirit ring in one hunt.

Question: Does anyone know how Tang San’s twin Spirits work? Can he put on a ring on both spirits every 10 levels(20 at lv100) or just one ring every 10 he must split them between(10 at lv100)?
Question: Its said that 100k Spirits become human and that one of Ning Rongrong’s yellow rings became purple, so what would happen when an black spirit ring hits Red 100k?
Question: The Grandmaster is shown in the past with Black hair and presently has white hair but doesn’t look much older. Also he brings up “white hair” while talking to Tang San about the dangers have of trying to absorb a spirit that’s too powerful. Could that be why Grandmaster never pasted lv30?
Question: I have only seen one Red Spirit ring so far so then how does Tang San get multiple? or is everyone going to start getting them later on?

Question: At what chapters does Tang get his 4th, 5th, and 6th Spirit Rings? And what chapter does he get a GOD-level spirit ring?

Lone Wolf : 4th chapter 87-89  5th somewhere between 133-140  6th haven’t reched

^ Squirrel apologizes ;_;

chapin145: I just finished reading so I will provide my opinion on the overall series. Loved the story but not pleased with the end… to many open plot holes and no real transition into the follow on series. I will now give an overview of the whole series. I am not going to go into specific abilities those can be found in the section below my summary. Even though I finished the series I am continuing to read the translations because they are much better than machine translations.

**** This is a big caution if you do not want to know what happens then please skip this section ****

Prologue: Prior to arriving in duoluo
Tang San is part of a martial arts sect/clan. The clan specializes in poisons and hidden weapons
The clan has inner and outer houses. The inner house is only for direct blood descendants and they are the only ones that can learn the deepest secrets of the clan
Tang is a genius but is adopted into the clan so he can only be a part of the outer sect
Curiosity killed the cat and you know the rest… he secretly learned all of the clan information and created their most prized weapon the Tang Buddha Lotus
The punishment is death but he commits suicide and dies at the age of 29…. but the author wants to write a story and so he is resurrected in this strange new world and retains all of his memories from before

Early Life: before spirit awakening (0 - 6 years)
Tang is born in a small village to the local blacksmith
Apparently Tang’s mother died at childbirth and the loss causes his dad to break emotionally so he becomes a drunkard
Tang gets no parental support and begins training in the martial arts of his world from very young
Around 3 years of age he starts doing all of the cooking
Around 6 years of age he asks his dad to teach him blacksmithing skills
At 6 years of age he creates his first hidden weapon
His martial arts skills have also reached a bottleneck and cannot advance to the next level (hint, hint)
At 6 all children of the world have a Spirit awakening ceremony and Tang is discovered to have the waste spirit Silver Grass but also to have full innate spirit power (level 10 at awakening, a very rare occurrence)
Tang goes home to tell his dad and then also confines in his dad that he has a second Spirit - Wu Hammer  (dad says do not show or use this spirit unless it is to protect someone important)
After some debate his dad decides to allow him to go to the Primary Spirit Academy in the nearby city as a working (scholarship/poor) student

Primary School Years: (6 - 12 years)
Tang heads to the city with the village chief and they run into trouble with the stuck up guards
Tang is about to kill them with his hidden weapon when the Grandmaster shows up and gets them to the admittance area
Grandmaster asks to see Tang later and identifies he must have twin spirits because of full spirit power with silver grass. After some talk Tang becomes his disciple
Tang finds out that the working students all live in one big room (co-ed) and that there is a procedure (fight) to determine the boss of the bunch because they get picked on by the elites
Tang meets Xiao Wu and she becomes the boss after beating Tang (he did not go all out because she is a cute girl)
Tang ends up sharing his comforter (provided by Grandmaster) with Xiao Wu (they push two beds together
Tang goes with Grandmaster and gets his first Spirit a Datura Snake proving a theory of Grandmaster that plant and animal spirits can harmonize
Tang goes home after a year to visit his home Xiao Wu accompanies him. Dad has left with a note saying that he has gone to reclaim what is his and not to look for him
In a moment of sadness Tang asks Xiao Wu to be his little sister and she agrees
At 12 they graduate and on the recommendation of Grandmaster they go to Shrek Academy for continued study

First Shrek Academy: (12 - 14 years)
Tang and Xiao Wu decide to stay in a hotel in Suotuo City for one night before going to the Shrek Academy
They do some shopping and Tang buys a big crystal rock that has fine golden hairs inside. These turn out to be an ingredient for a powerful hidden weapon
They meet and battle Dai Mubai for the last room in the hotel and he lets them have the room
The next day they go to the Shrek Academy, stuff happens turns out Tang and Xiao Wu are level 29 at 12 years of age (unprecedented)
Dai Mubai turns out to be a student and is the oldest in the school so is nicknamed boss he is a level 37 Beast Spirit Tiger
After one of the teachers (a high level and powerful spirit master) goes a little hard on the students for an enrollment test a mysterious man shows up and totally owns him without even using any spirit rings (who could this be?)
There ends up being 7 students in the whole academy, Dai is the oldest at 15. Oscar is 14 and the remaining 5 are 12
Dean Flanders takes them to the Spirit Arena in Suotuo City to fight in battles and tells them they have to earn to the silver level to graduate
Oscar reaches level 30 and they go to the Star Duo forest to hunt for an appropriate Spirit
Lots of stuff happens, Xiao gets kidnapped by a Titan Ape (overlord of the forest)
Tang gets an extremely overbearing 3rd ring from a Man Faced Human Magic Spider it is beyond the supposed limit for a 3rd spirit. He also gets a Spirit bone (an extremely rare drop) that attaches at his back and gives him spider legs with powerful toxins
Xiao shows up (mysteriously - no plot hole here?) and she somehow also gets a 3rd ring while missing
Dean Flanders takes them to the Spirit Arena in Suotuo City to fight in battles and tells them they have to earn to the silver level to graduate
Grandmaster shows up at the academy, turns out he is friends with Dean Flander and decides to stay and help. he also explains what is a Spirit bone and tells Tang not to show it off because they are highly prized and powerful spirit masters will kill for them
After some training they go to Suotuo City to battle in the arena. They end up beating some famous/powerful teams
The head of one of the teams is a graduate of Shrek and invites them to the Royal Academy in the Heaven Duo Empire capital
More stuff happens (shitty nobles) and they end up going to the Blue Pa Academy that is also in the capital
Turns out Grandmasters former lover is the Dean and she also knows Flanders so she turns the whole school over to them and it is renamed Shrek Academy

Shrek Academy part 2: (14 - 15/16 years)
More stuff happens and lots of powerful people start to get interested in Tang
Tang is abducted by the Snake Douro a very powerful poison master and stays with him for 6 months. He makes poisons and antidotes and also gets some very rare and powerful herbs/drugs for his teammates
He returns to Shrek Academy and helps his teammates power-up and also realizes he likes Xiao Wu as more than a sister (she of course reciprocates)
Turns out he is a bloodline of the Haotian Clan that was once considered the most powerful family on the continent and one of the 7 “clans” or leaders of the continent but they vanished 20 years ago
They decide to fight in the main high school tournament and win the preliminaries
All of the Shrek seven get to level 40 and Tang who has become the controller and heart of the team decides to get a special spider called the Bone Cage Spider to improve his control capabilities
The romance pairings take place: Tang-Xiao, Dai-Zhu, Oscar-Rongrong, and fatty gets no one (FOREVER ALONE)
The pope tries to kill Tang after she sees his Wu Hammer but fails. Turns out that pope was Grandmaster’s first love but dumped him when she became pope in waiting 20 years ago (Someone Else: Actually, I’m pretty sure Grandmaster dumped her?). Turns out she is also a Twin Spirit (the only other one in the world) and wants to get rid of him before he becomes powerful and a hindrance to her plans (evil religious world domination anyone? not cliche or anything)
The Shrek Seven fight in the tournament and win even though several teams are ordered by the Pope *WuHan” faith to target Tang
Pope announces that Xiao Wu is a 100,000 year Spirit Beast in human form (what a surprise after all the foreshadowing) and she is to be captured and killed because 100,000 year Spirit Rings are exceedingly rare
At the last minute Tang Hao (Dad) shows up and turns out 20 years ago he killed the last Pope because they killed his wife (irony maybe). Dad turns out to be supreme badass and levels the Pope’s temple then leaves with Xiao and Tang

Haotian Clan: (15/16 - 20 years)
Tang and Xiao end up in a far away place. Dad tells Xiao to leave and go back to forest to level up where she is safe because she will be hunted for her 100,000 year ring
Tang starts training with Dad in the way of the Haotian hammer and also body strengthening
Tang completes training and has exceeded level 50 he goes and gets Royal Silver Grass Spirit becomes extremely handsome
He is sent to learn etiquette from his Aunt for 1 year and is #1 in the class and is after graduation is allowed to go see Xiao Wu
In the Star Duo forest, he runs into the Spirit Hall who are hunting for Xiao. Stuff happens and she self-sacrifices to save his life at this point he is still in danger but is saved by the Titan Ape
He absorbs her 100,000 year ring as his 6th ring (unprecedented) and levels to 67. He learns from the Titan Ape of a way to resurrect her
Goes to see father who has self amputated his arm and leg to return two Spirit Bones to the Haotians as a penance for killing the Pope and other stuff
Goes to visit the Haotian Clan to make amends for his father and more stuff happens
Goes back to his father who reveals that his mother was also a 100,000 year Spirit and was hunted by the Pope and right after birth sacrificed herself to keeTang’s p Pope from getting her Spirit Ring (dad absorbed it)
Tang absorbs moms soul bone and finds out dad has been slowly resurrecting mom in this secluded location
Tang takes mom and dad to the poison snake duoros place where it is perfect growing for plant spirits (she is the Queen of the Silver Grass)
Tang goes to visit the school because the Shrek Seven had agreed to meet up after five years

Tangmen Clan: (~20 years to 22 years)
Tang has created the Tangmen clan from four families that used to be retainers to the Haotians. This is part of a plan to oppose the Wuhan who have attacked the RongRong clan and severely weakened and destroyed the Blue Rex Dragon Clan (2 of the 7 major powers -- those evil Wuhan)
Tang starts

Anonymous Squirrel: [ooh I’m an Anonymous Squirrel, maybena that can be my me]
So I decided to poke the raw and continued to read a large portion of it, so here are an interpretation of I think the answers to many of the questions above. I’m not sure how to force my text with a black background, and so I hope you are pre-warned on the text that you’re about to see.
⇒ Vole’s Questions:
Does Tang San add rings to his hammer? or something?
Yes, he gains his 1st spirit ring after he completes his 9th spirit ring on his blue-silver grass spirit. Story wise, he gains his 9th ring and his 1st ring on his hammer from Er Ming and Da Ming respectively -- The Titan Great Ape they encountered in the Star Dou Forest and the Cow Python. They are considered the two bosses of the Forest and are also Xiao Wu spirit “brothers” (both are red 100,000 yr spirit rings).

What is the shopkeeper relation to grandmaster? Is his relation to grandmaster explained later?
   As revealed, the shopkeeper is the school dean. There was a time in the past when the school dean, the grandmaster, and a female companion travelled together. They were renowned as the _________ triangle, as they were capable of invoking a fusion technique that allowed them to combine their spirit skills to conquer foes above their skill level. The grandmaster and the female companion eventually fell in love and got tried to get married, but for [certain reasons] they were unable to. Grandmaster then left the two alone, and wished the dean to stay with the female companion instead. The grandmaster has not seen either of them for two decades, until they ‘unexplicitly’ meet once again.
Any spoilers on the buddha fury tang lotus? still an instakill for title level?
The buddha fury technique is ranked 2nd in the Tangmen skills. It is essentially a mechanized weapon shaped as a flower, where it is slotted with a thousand needles, made from the best materials possible and doused with venomous poison. Tang San claims that it is powerful enough to defeat a Douro-title enemy. Unfortunately, Tang San says that it is very difficult to create this weapon, as he has neither the resources to re-produce it. Later on in the story, Tang San meets with a God-level blacksmith who creates the buddha fury weapon for him. In a dangerous battle against  [an extremely dangerous foe], Tang San attempts to use it, but an ally of the [extremely dangerous foe] 78-spirit-level (I think) jumps in between and gets ‘shredded to nothingness’ by the weapon and barely protects [the foe]. [The foe] asks what the technique is called and leaves Tang San while in a weakened state in the hands of [the foe’s allies].

⇒ Random Questions from Anons:
Do the Sausage Guy and the Pagoda Girl get together in the end? Yes.
Is his dad title douluo? Tang San’s dad? Yes.
Cal asks, ‘Does Tang San get f-ed over by not starting out by getting rings for hammer or can he get the same amount of rings for it as per his spirit level later’? Same number of rings per his spirit level. However, his grandmaster and his father suggest not to get any rings until his blue-silver grass spirit rings are complete.

Vole:hi, i had a bit of a question while your here, i heard tang gets wu as his spirit later(presumably without any killing) does he aquire any other spirits without killing? start a new no-kill fad?
   ⇒  Squirrel: Yes. He gets little dance’s spirit due to a 100,000-yr old beast uses ‘sacrifice’. It allows them to easily absorb a 100,000-yr old red ring and guarantees a drop of a soul bone. Little dance’s brothers ‘Da Ming’ and ‘Er Ming’ both use sacrifice as they were in a near dead state due to attacks from [an extremely dangerous foe]. He also gains his 7th soul ring from a divine ring earned on Neptune’s Island.
Smile sounds pretty high class. hasnt even mentioned divine beats yet
 ⇒ I actually stopped reading because he got too OP ^^;
reminds me of stellar transformations, anyway thanks again
⇒ Chart for Spirits
(that I can re-call, I’ll be copy-pasting and filling the information out that I can remember) OK I can’t figure out how to make a table, so I’ll just type it out.

Tang San (blue-silver grass)
Ring 1: Age 2xx, Spirit Datura Snake: Grass gets tougher to allow binding, and has paralysis
Ring 2: Age 7xx, Ghost Vine: Parasite: Spores and thorns
Ring 3: Age 2xxx, Human-Faced Magic Spider: Web ball, venom
Ring 4: Age 1xxxx, Crypt Magic Spider: Cobweb cage
Ring 5: Age 25xxx, Blue Silver Grass King: [forgot name, causes large amount of grass to spray at target, causing confusion, and forces foes to lose balance] *Blue-Silver Grass blood-line unlocked
Ring 6: Age 100,000, llarva-stage Soft Bone Rabbit [Little Dance]: summon little dance spirit, go in ‘spirit form’ and be invulnerable from physical damage but susceptible to spirit damage
Ring 7: Age 100,000, Divine Ring: wuhan mami (spirit-mode), blue-gold field
Ring 8: Age 100,000, Killer Whale(?): Two skills. Crow control, Grass on contact cause dizziness for three seconds, ignore physical defence.Second skill large area attack with red crystals.
Ring 9: Age 100,000, Python Cow Thing(?) [Da Ming]: 2x Dragon spirit individual-target attack. Kills a duoluo-title 1HKO. Yap.

   ⇒ In this state of the story, Tang San is journeying to complete Poseidon’s 7th task, which is to get his 9th soul ring and revive Little Dance. Using Poseidon’s trident, he revives Little Dance with her soul bone, and consumes Rings 1-4, and 6. His blue silver grass king evolves into a 100,000-year soul ring, and Tang San is left with 4 red-rings around his blue-silver grass spirit. Due to his right leg soul bone, Tang San does not suffer the punishment of removing his soul rings and little dance’s soul bone but instead maintains his current state. Any ‘future’ soul rings gained will only increase his power.

Tang San (blue-silver grass, little dance reincarnated)
Ring 1: Age 50xxx, Spirit Datura Snake*: Grass gets tougher to allow binding, and has paralysis
Ring 2: Age 50xxx, Ghost Vine: Parasite*: Spores and thorns
Ring 3: Age 50xxx, Human-Faced Magic Spider: Web ball, venom
Ring 4: Age 50xxx, Crypt Magic Spider: Cobweb cage
Ring 5: Age 100,000, Blue Silver Grass King: [forgot name, causes lar
ge amount of grass to spray at target, causing confusion, and forces foes to lose balance] *Blue-Silver Grass blood-line unlocked
Ring 6: Age 50,000, *?
Ring 7: Age 100,000, Divine Ring: wuhan mami (spirit-mode), blue-gold field
Ring 8: Age 100,000, Killer Whale(?): don’t remember ability.
Ring 9: Age 100,000, Python Cow Thing(?) [Da Ming]: 2x Dragon spirit individual-target attack. Kills a duoluo-title 1HKO. Yap.

⇒ * I do not remember if he gets these back again, or is replaced by something else. I do remember that he fights another crypt spider, but he ‘gains’ his other soul rings to replenish his consumed soul rings used during little dance’s reincarnation. (he replaces with the same spirits just higher grade because this best fits/heals his soul from forcibly removing the 5 rings to revive little dance)
*I think all the rings turn red after Tang finishes the Poseidon trials.

Soul Bones:
Back: Magic Spider Spears Outer Bone: 8x spears, venomous. Absorbs spirit energy. Gets tougher whenever Tang San fights another Magic spider and lets his spears absorb their power. Can absorb spirit energy from other enemies as well. It eventually absorbs enough to reach ‘God-level’.

Head: Wisdom Skull Bone(?): Enhances his wisdom and synergizes well with his purple-eye technique thing. When the skull bone gets enhanced, Tang San gets the ability to spread 4 different types of fields of his choosing. He also has a purple mental range attack that he can perform.

Right Arm(prior to little dance revival): Little Dance’s 100,000-yr llarva-level Bone: Because Tang San is too weak to earn a 100,000-yr soul ring as his 6th, he gains this bone to offset the necessary spirit power difference. It has the ability to teleport (no cooldown or cast time), as well as infinite armor for 3s (once a day).

Right Leg: Silver’s 100,000-yr human-level Bone: Tang San’s mother’s bone. Ability: Flight, and Auto-healing.

Left Leg: Killer Whale’s 100,000-yr Bone: Ability to do a killer chop, and one more (forgot)

⇒ During Da Ming/Er Ming’s sacrifice, Tang San removes Little Dance’s bone.

   Right Arm: Python Cow Thing [Da Ming] 100,000-yr Bone: 2 skills.
python bondage that renders the opponent immobile for 10 seconds and also some damage but takes 4 seconds to take effect
dragon that has water attribute that attacks opponents

   Left Arm: Titan [Er Ming] 100,000-yr Bone: Control Gravity, and one more.

Additional Skills:
   -Tang Sect skills mastery
   -kill field (white mist, opponents in field -20% ability, allies gain % ability)
Fry ring(?): Temporarilly consumes a soul ring to boost hammer power, requires 36 hrs cooldown, else permanent damage or loss of soul ring otherwise. Can fry multiple rings from any of the two spirits (for Tang San).
Cloak and Hammer technique
that.. hammer blacksmith technique that I wish he still used in later part of the story
A fancy hammer technique that I cannot remember at the moment

Tang San (Hammer, little dance reincarnated)
Ring 1: Age 100,000, Titan [Er Ming]: Gains an extreme amount of Strength and Earth control
Ring 2: Age 50xxx,
Ring 3: Age 50xxx,
Ring 4: Age 50xxx, Dark magic Cthulu Tiger
Ring 5: Age 50xxx, Human Faced Magic Spider
Ring 6: Age 100,000, Ant(?):Dig
Ring 7: Age 100,000, Ant(?):
Ring 8: Age 100,000, Ant(?):Supreme barrier
Ring 9: God-Level, Magic King Whale(?): don’t remember him using it yet (i’m not done reading!)

⇒ Rings 6-8 were absorbed at the same time, from <90,000-yr old beasts, specializing in strength, defence, and can tunnel underground. Spirit energy were refined and purified and by-luck, he earns 100,000-yr level red rings.  He gains the ability to increase his defence and be able to dig underground. Ring 9, magic -king whale is actually a near age 1,000,000 spirit beast, who is about to ascend as a god. Through the same process, he earns himself a god-level ring (probably owned by Shura). As for his other rings, I don’t remember what he gained, but he fills them out with various demonic beasts lurking in star forest due to the absence of Da Ming and Er Ming.

Soul Bones: Tang San gains a secretive 7th soul bone: Chest bone, from Poseidon tasks, and his bone souls are refined into Poseidon’s armor. Tang San at age 25 or 26 earns his 10th ring and becomes a god-level spirit controller. Since Poseidon’s tasks are complete, he gets an additional bonus of all spirit rings gain age 50-000 years, and so, Tang San is left with: 9x red-rings + 1 blue-gold god-level spirit ring on his royal blue-silver spirit, and 8x red-rings + 1 black-red god-level spirit ring on his hammer.

Tang San also carries around Poseidon’s Trident, a god-level artifact. Does crazy stuff. Weighs a 120 jin to him but x1000 to others.
Tang San probably gains more, but like I said, I still have 8-10 more chapters to read.

Xiao Wu [Little Dance] (Soft Bone Rabbit)

getting lazy.

Spirit rings 1 - 5 earned by self-creation (as an ability of a 100,000-yr spirit beast selected to become human).
Ring 1: Waist Bow
Ring 2: Red eye of ...Lust? (seduction to lead to confusion)
Ring 3: Teleport, has charge time, but eats little spirit energy.
Ring 4: Invulnerability (3s)
Ring 5: Unknown
Ring 6
Ring 7: Mami: Create 6-8 copies of herself
Ring 8 are earned from divine rings, from the completion of Poseidon’s trials. Unknown abilities as of yet.

Dai Mu bai (White Tiger)

Going to copy and paste as much as I can from original chart… hehe

Ring 1: Claw Attack(?)
Ring 2: White Tiger Burst
Ring 3: Vajra
Ring 4:
Ring 5:
Ring 6:
Ring 7:
Ring 8:
Ring 9: Divine Ring - earned for supporting Tang San’s convergence to god-level

Oscar (Sausage)

Ring 1: Restoration/Recovery
Ring 2: Detoxification (medium level, can’t detox deadly venoms,etc)
Ring 3: Fairy Wings Speed Boost, Flight
Ring 4: 10% all atributes
Ring 5: 30% soul increase, Side effects
Ring 6: Mirror Sausage - With blood droplet of a spirit user, clone abilities, at a higher spirit energy cost
Ring 7: Sausage Mami - Double effects of sausages
Ring 8: Instant cure, plus 50% physical recovery
Ring 9: Divine Ring: 50% instant recovery of all energy- earned for supporting Tang San’s convergence to god-level

One of his sausages provides 50% instant recovery of all energy, i don’t remember which one. Ah, my mind is leaking!

Ning Rongrong (7 Treasures Tile Pagoda ⇒ 9 Treasures Tile Pagoda)
Ring 1: Strength
Ring 2: Speed
Ring 3: Soul force
Ring 4: Defence
Ring 5: Attack
Ring 6: Skill
Ring 7: Pagoda Mami - Reduces spirit energy cost on skills, and something else
Ring 8: Body Care: She get’s inside the pagoda to avoided enemy attack
Ring 9: Divine Ring: Invincibility - earned for supporting Tang San’s convergence to god-level

Zhu Zhuqing (Civet)

Pretty much the same ring-layout as Dai Mu Bai. She also reaches douro-level.

Ma Hongjun (Perverted Phoenix-variant ⇒ Phoenix)

Ring 1: Fire Jet
Ring 2: Brilliant Phoenix
Ring 3:
Ring 4:
Ring 5:
Ring 6: Divine Ring
Ring 7: Outer Alchemy Fire Serpent
Ring 8:
Ring 9: Divine Ring - earned for supporting Tang San’s convergence to god-level

⇒ Essentially each of the 7 monsters reach douluo-level at minimum. In chapter 31-34, Tang San, Little Dance, and Oscar earn their 3rd ring. Later on, while Tang San is busy, Zhu Zhuqing, RongRong, and Ma Hongjun earn their 3rd ring wian gives each mth the teachers. Tang Sember secret special herb/flower to boost cultivation speed. Other than Tang San and Little Dance, everyone elses uses it. RongRong’s 7 treasures becomes 9, and Ma Hongjun becomes a true phoenix. Everyone who used it gains a huge boost in spirit levels. Dai Mu Bai finally breaks spirit level 40 as well. The Wuhan spirit tournament for students under 25 starts, and everyone eventually breaks past spirit level 40. They all graduate and split off. They all meet each other within 5-7 years and are at within the 50-60 ish range spirit level (hence why I have so many blanks). They all travel to Neptune Island in hope to train by Poseidon’s trials and each are able to reach around spirit-80 level. Some events happen. Tang San reaches douruo-level sometime around here. They return to the island to finish off Tang San and Little Dance’s trials. They all break douruo-level by then.

I’ll come back and peek if there is any new contributions. Night ~

ser4:Dammm Those are some nice spoilers. Question: What happens to Xiao Wu? Why does she needs to be reincarnated. Does she die or something? And if she does when does it happen (in which chapter) and for how long does she stay “dead” (how ma ny chapters Smile

chapin145: Part of this is speculation… Tang San’s dad is a Haotian and they are competitors/against the Wuhan (main religion of the word). Tang’s dad fell in love with a 100,000 year Spirit Beast who had turned human like Xiao Wu and took her away from the Wuhan who wanted to kill her for her Spirit Ring and Spirit Bone. This is why he disappeared from being head of his clan and became a blacksmith. I think the mother sacrificed herself (gave her soul and bone) to the dad to keep baby Tang safe. He was a levels 80 when he disappeared and suddenly became a levels 90. By the way he is way OP (strongest until Tang San becomes terrifyingly strong).

   ⇒ Ser4: At the end of the tournament arc, Little Dance’s non-human nature is revealed. She escapes to be protected by her elder brothers until she is strong enough to survive in the human world. During this phase, Tang San trains himself in order to protect her. On the day they meet up, Tang San meets [a group of enemies], who attempts to find Little Dance to obtain her soul ring. He tries to protect her by going kamikaze, but Little Dance’s sworn to herself that she would not let Tang San die. To fully heal Tang San, Little Dance uses [sacrifice] and uses her soul energy to heal Tang San from death. From then on, Tang San’s sole goal in life is to resurrect LIttle Dance (which lasts for a significant portion of the remaining chapters in the story).

   ⇒ Chapin145: Religion   always causes problems! Here are my thoughts on the events transpired within the story; my memory is a bit faded though. Tang Hao did fall in love with the blue-silver queen Silver (maybe Silvia?). She was 100,000-yr spirit beast who chose to be reincarnated as a human. Unlike Little Dance, she was also a fully-fledge human since she was at least 60 spirit-level. She met Tang Hao (San’s father) and Xiao Tang (San’s uncle), where they all decided to travel together. Silver and Tang Hao eloped, while Xiao Tang decided to return to the Haotian sect. Silver then told her true identity to Tang Hao, and told him the secrets of the fates of 100,000-yr spirit beast. When both Tang Hao and Silver were around 70 spirit-level, Silver was impregnated with Tang San. During that time, the preceding pope caught wind of Silver and formed a coalition to hunt her down. While Tang Hao continued to train and broke through 80 spirit-level, the couple decided to hide themselves in a village. Tang Hao continued to travel solo to train his spirit-level and finally broke 90 spirit-level douro, and Silver gave birth to a healthy little boy. Tang Hao returned back to Silver only to find the pope and his men assaulting Silver. Silver had hid her son and was gravely wounded. At this point, I think that Tang Hao went nuts, killed the pope, and also injured himself. Silver made a pact with the remaining WuHan men that she would kill herself in order to calm WuHan and spare her husband, and performed [sacrifice] on Tang Hao.  Tang Hao gained his 9th spirit ring, [blue and silver queen grass spirit, 100,000-yr adult-level, red spirit ring]and Silver’s bone soul [right leg]. On her dying breath, she told Tang Hao to protect their son ‘San’, named after her own nickname whilst journeying with Tang Hao and his brother. Tang Hao pretty much gave up in life and went into seclusion with baby Tang San. He decided to use his blacksmith knowledge to earn petty change for minimal survival at a local village, and ended up wasting his life away in drunken stupor. Since Tang Hao was one of the future sovereign of the Haotian sect, the sect’s elders decided to close their doors and seclude themselves into the Haotian mountains. This was to prevent any injustices coming against Haotian from WuHan, whose leader was just killed. Instead, WuHan recognized Tang Hao as youngest person to become a duolou-title, gained ‘the strongest duolou-title rank holder’, and became an idol to the many younger spirit users in the world.

ser4: I do love me some too op Protagonists. What about Tang San’s Father when does he meet him is it before or after the tournament? BTW Thanks so much for spoiling for me i just love spoilers Very Happy

Prial: Yah It is already getting pretty nuts and i’m only about to gt that point the tournament hasn’t even started yet.

Anon: Does the author ever explain Zhu Zhuqing’s background?
   This is sort of explained , along with Dai Mu Bai’s background ,around chapter 122.

Squirrel: (answering some quick questions)

   ⇒ ser4: He meets his father at the conclusion of the tournament.
⇒ Anon: Yes. I do wish that there was more about or with her in the story, she’s probably my favorite amongst the 7 shrek monsters.
Anon: I was just curious because there really isn’t much said about her yet. Even compared to the other Shrek students, there’s hardly anything said about her beside her looks and abilities.

Jak: Can someone give an in-depth explanation of what the Poseidon trials are?

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Super Epic Spoiler lol. I'm at last 30-ish chapter anyway. It's not affecting me Laughing

I believe should put warning in title.

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