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Douluo Dalu Song

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1Douluo Dalu Song Empty Douluo Dalu Song on Fri Jan 09, 2015 8:50 pm (original/male version) (female version)

This is the link to the song, though it might now work in some countries(not sure). People may ask, why is this in spoiler? If you find out the lyrics in any way shape or form, it reveals some things. Also, the genre reveals some things. The name of the title also spoil things vaguely.

Good thing its all in chinese so if you don't know chinese listen to it.

For those who want to find an available one in case this isn't working, the title is: 海神的眼泪

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2Douluo Dalu Song Empty Re: Douluo Dalu Song on Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:58 pm

No matter what, for me that has no knowledge about Chinese, it doesn't seem like they're singing any words, just random X-based sounds...

Still, thanks for sharing.

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3Douluo Dalu Song Empty Re: Douluo Dalu Song on Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:47 pm

Was that the voice actress for Xiao Wu in the middle of the song? Her voice is more mature than I imagine. I kinda imagine an anime-ish or cute voice from her appearance, but i'm not too disappointed. I kinda like the voice in the song.

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4Douluo Dalu Song Empty Lyrics on Thu Jan 22, 2015 12:52 am

Well, here's a link to a video with lyrics for those who couldn't quite catch what they were singing. It also provides background info on the song in the beginning.

For those who want the lyrics and background info anyway, here you go:

Lyrics and Background info in Chinese:

曲:《still water》

冰封海洋 是谁的泪流淌
温暖怀抱中央 少了一抹发香
荒芜的左心房 她在轻轻低唱
眼角点点星光 就点亮海浪

粉色日光 是谁魂魄飞扬
忽然撞入胸膛 忽然痛得悲伤
我躺在双人床 而右手边微凉
思念不住猖狂 只是不想忘


暮色轻放 与你静静远望
夜色慢慢安详 有座古旧村庄
山顶浸过月光 湿了彼此眼眶
相执温热手掌 许此生守望

血色战场 自我肩头跃上
遥远灰色殿堂 你我彻骨的伤
林中白色飘荡 谁将一切相让
相思滴滴断肠 将仇恨埋藏cang

轻喃声响 仍恍如梦一场
日日为你梳妆 夜夜情丝渐长
风刃刺骨冰凉 世事已难阻挡
弃我所有力量 怕不再成双

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