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A bit about what the author has written and inconsistencies in the story

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Okey this is a bit of a rant on my part about the story and what is written alot of it is a bit spoiler heavy though so I'll put it in spoiler tags if anyone wants to read it.

So to start of with the soul rings. Very early on we get to learn that there is a maximum on the age of the rings that a human body can manage. According to the Grandmaster this is something along the lines of
1st ring 400 years
2nd ring 700
3rd 1700
4th 5000
5th 15 000
6th 25 000
7th 40 000
8th 60 000
9th 100 000

We also get told that for Tang's second Spirit he should get as old spirit rings as possible but he wont be able to fill out his hammer with rings because the human body can only handle a certian amount of years. Which we alot later find out in the story to be around 600 000 years total if I remember correctly. So with the best setup on his first Spirit that would mean he has almost 250 000 years on his first spirit and can get around 350 000 years total on his second spirit. Later on not to give to much of a spoiler something happens that let's him completly ignore the year limitations that applies to every other human.

But after this is also were the inconsistencies starts the Pope also has twin spirits. For her first spirit she has the best spirit rings so we can guess she has around 350 000 years total to add to her second spirit. But her second spirit has this composition. Black, black, black, black, black, black, red. She also wants to add another two red for the last two but is stopped by Tang and has to settle for two more black. Still she has appearntly chosen the best possible spirits she could find so we can fairly easy guess that they are atleast 50 000 year old spirit rings. Which would mean that she has atleast 500 000 years of soul rings on her second spirit and would have even had atleast 600 000 if Tang did'nt stop her. This is still said as if it's nothing strange in the story, even though it is plainly pointed at multiple time that doing what she did would have damaged, broken or even killed her. But it does'nt affect her in anyway it just makes her stronger.

Another thing that is also inconsistent is the fact that Tang get's told that untill he has completed a certain challenge and gained some a specific item he is unable to kill the Pope. We shortly after get to know that her 9th soul ring on her first spirit gives her immortality in the way that by using alot of spirit force she can if killed in a short amount of time resurrect. But yeah first time he fights her he manages to kill her but she resurrects. Second time he's ALOT stronger and manages to fight her back, pretty even but he wins, they later get into a mental fight that puts her into a coma. After this they fight again, but again even though she this time is only able to use about 50% of her total strenght he barely beats her, and then while dealing the killing blow someone else jumps infront while he's attacking and takes the blow for her. Which really does'nt make any sense especially with how it is explained that first the Pope is about to kill Tang so the person stands up to intervene, but stops when she see's that he wont die. Then all of a sudden while Tang is attacking the Pope this person manages to jump infront even though she is appearntly standing along way from the actual fight, and is alot weaker then Tang and the Pope so her speed should be alot slower but yeah authors choice I guess.

At the same time, especially by the end of the story he tells over and over about the reason why Tang can fight with people that are higher lvl then him. For example, but you know that he has so many spirit rings, and they are so high lvl, he has this many soul bone's, he has eaten this and that. He often writes half a page or a whole page to explain why he can fight in certain circumstances.
It kinda makes me wonder if I am senile or something seeing as how many times and how much he explains it.

This is more of a thing that I guess annoyed me more then something important. Which is about Oscar, at first when all of them are together and fighting he would always prepare sausages that they would hold onto and then use. At this time his sausages would only work for 12 hours after having been made. But after reaching soul lvl 70 this changes and his sausages are permanent so he can make them and then their power will last forever. Still at this point instead of making alot of sausages for everyone to stock up on he stops making them. So everytime someone is hurt or anything he makes them and gives them to people after the fight. Even though he has sausages that restores fatigue and heals, cure poison, flight and restores soul power. When told to however he can over 2-3 day's make 20 000 of his flying sausages without a problem but he cant make for people untill after the fights. This is actually really strange and feel's more like a way for the author to make especially the main character Tang to get into a crisis were he runs out of soul power or get's extremly tired, even though at this point he could have stocked up on atleast hundreds of sausages with his storage belts.
This is a bit of a sore spot for me seeing as Tang getting depleted over and over happens alot of times and then he get's fed sausages by Oscar to restore him, but when Oscar himself fight he always get's to eat them even going so far as to during one fight he switches skills (he becomes able to mimic others powers), he has completly depleted his soul power but eats a few sausages and get's full spirit power and then uses the new skills. Tang on the other hand can never do this because I dont know maybe Oscar is just stingy.

Hidden weapons, hidden weapons were to start. At first he seems to use them fairly often and he talks in lenghts about how powerfull they are. A good example is the golden needle thread, at soul rank 29 it is able to just barely penetrate and hurt a rank 76 beast soul user. But he clearly states that as his own soul rank get's higher the power will also increase. It is also stated that he still cant use the more powerfull hidden weapons untill his soul rank increases as it is earlier stated that the soul ranks is the same as the qi lvls in his previous world. But he cant use them for a long time because of being told not to and later for not being allowed to use them because of rules. Later on when he get's to around soul rank 56+ he starts using them alot to enable him to almost instantly kill people up all the way up to soul rank 8x. Yet again after this part he pretty much stops using them for quite a bit only using his soul techniques.
This also applies to how his skills are used and in what order for instance he can use alot of them and struggle for quite a bit, only to later on use just 1 technique or a combination to instantly kill a dangerous enemy. For instance at one point he struggles quite a bit with an enemy then when he is supossedly running on fumes he can use a combination attack of a technique he has that let's him stun a group of people for 3 seconds (extremly OP but he barely uses it, cause it's to OP I guess) together with another skill that if he charges for 4 seconds let's him do an attack that ignores any kind of defense. Which leads to him instantly killing an enemy that is not as strong as the earlier one he fought but quite close. Which leads to the simple question why he did'nt just use that combination earlier, he even has another skill that let's him use alot of spirit force to stun a group of people and depending on their soul rank it stuns them for 8-30 seconds. But again dont use it that often because my guess is it's to OP by the author.
It's often weird because it is explained a few times how the soul of bone's skills are equal to what lvl the bone is to a same aged soul ring. So a 100 000 year old bone skill is as strong as a 100 000 year old spirit ring, at the same time the 100 000 soul bone's always has two skills. It is also explained that the older a soul ring is the more powerfull the technique it grants is but it is also cheaper in spirit force use. At the same time depending on the position of the ring 1st-9th the power will increase and cost more in spirit force. But a soul bone cost's even less then using a spirit ring technique, is just as strong and can be cast immediatly and with out pause.

Overall I would say that at this point the author has made the MC to overpowered and his solution to make it more interesting is by simply having him not use the skills, either alone or in a certain order that would make him win fights instantly.

I'll just end my rant at this point, I liked the story I really did, just got a hard time with these kind of things.

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I started reading that, but once I got to the bit about someone named Pope, I sort of gave up.
I can't read Chinese and I have no interest in trying to use something like google translate.

As far as the spirit rings go though, the limits you listed are THEORETICAL.
They aren't solid, unsurpassable limits. They're more like suggestions. Like yellow lights and 4-way stop signs.(If you value your life)
Depending on the person though, those suggested limits can be passed. Tang San surpasses those limits, so it's not surprising that others surpass them too. Those numbers should, generally speaking, be for reference to show people how much more awesome someone is than normal people. It's one of those "What?? Power level 9000?!" things. Only instead of a scouter, they have spirit rings and such.

I can't speak for the rest of the "inconsistencies" though. I'm too lazy to read them since it seems like they have to do with parts of the story I haven't actually read yet, lol.

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lozlo wrote:I started reading that, but once I got to the bit about someone named Pope, I sort of gave up.
I can't read Chinese and I have no interest in trying to use something like google translate.

As far as the spirit rings go though, the limits you listed are THEORETICAL.
They aren't solid, unsurpassable limits. They're more like suggestions. Like yellow lights and 4-way stop signs.(If you value your life)
Depending on the person though, those suggested limits can be passed. Tang San surpasses those limits, so it's not surprising that others surpass them too. Those numbers should, generally speaking, be for reference to show people how much more awesome someone is than normal people. It's one of those "What?? Power level 9000?!" things. Only instead of a scouter, they have spirit rings and such.

I can't speak for the rest of the "inconsistencies" though. I'm too lazy to read them since it seems like they have to do with parts of the story I haven't actually read yet, lol.

Actually they are not only theoretical but actually confirmed, this is a big spoiler so dont read if you dont wanna spoil to much ahead.
how it is confirmed:
Later in the story Tang get's an artifact that enters his body, after this he becomes someone chosen to become the successor of the god Poseidon. After he has finished a bunch of tests and gotten a certain amount of affinity with the god he get's into a meeting with Poseidon's high priest. They talk about this and she confirms that for any human there is a limit but because Tang's body has entered the spirit world and started to become a god this limit does no longer exist for him, he has earlier been able to exceed the limit of what someone can get by some degree. But it is mostly being able to get soul rings to a certain degree. It is also mentioned time and time again that because he has eaten two fairy herbs has altered his body, because his willpower is godlike, and soul of bone's etc he was able to overcome his limit to some degree. At this time the exact number of years that a human is limited to is said. So atleast I see it as confirmed at this point seeing as the author explicitly points it out, even goes into an exact amount of years and it is confirmed by someone who has a connection to a god.

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tobajas wrote:
Actually they are not only theoretical but actually confirmed,

When I say theoretical, I don't mean we haven't got that far in the story.
I mean, the limit for the third spirit ring is 1700 years, and Tang San got his ring from a 2000 year beast.
The years are THEORETICAL inside the story. It's even stated already in the story that those levels can be surpassed, and that part of it is a matter of will or whatever. Grandmaster also states that it depends on the person. Something to do with how physically fit they are, etc.

It's like saying you should stop at stop signs. You really should stop at stop signs. But if you don't stop, you won't necessarily die. Depends on your luck, among other things.

I only read the first line of the spoiler. Already forgot what it said, lol.

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I don't remember the details as I skimmed parts of it.

In general, the story isn't bad and the spirit system is pretty interesting too, minus the details.

One thing I hate is the repetitiveness. The author has an extremely high tendency to repeat Tang San's skills and status. For example, I can't even count how many times he explained Tang San's body is different, being enhanced by his own skills, being enhanced by some sacred plants and etc.

I understand the author is trying to make it more dramatic but it gets really old really fast, especially when it utilizes a cookie cutter format.

Also, there's a lot more inconsistency than we realize. A lot are minor and not really that bad, but some are just outright inconsistent and going back against what the author wrote earlier.

For instance, in a later arc where Tang San takes on Poseidon's trial, or whatever you wanna call it, he was told that there's an aquatic spirit beast that's near breaking the limits of a spirit beast and ascending to be a "god". But there was a discussion of "how" because most spirit beasts can only live 100,000 years plus an additional 10,000 after they reached 100,000 years. Yet, it was told that you need to live for 1,000,000 years in order to be able to become a "god". And Tang San was originally told that the aquatic spirit beast only lived for about 300,000 to 400,000 years but managed to train so much that it equalled a spirit beast with 1,000,000 years worth of experience/power/energy. Yet, later, the author wanted to make it more dramatic and just outright ignored what he originally wrote. And this 300,000 to 400,000 year old aquatic spirit beast just became 1,000,000 years old.

There's a lot more but that's one that annoyed me the most as I just read past the part where Tang San ascended to a god.

But inconsistency is something that is really common in web novels and web novels that were edited to novels. As they release it week by week, or chapter by chapter, they tend to forget what they wrote earlier or want to change things. It's best not to look too deep into it as it's full of bull. I like the original spirit system and certain ideas behind the plot. But the author is just too dramatic and exaggerative.

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Hrm. I'll have to wait and see when we get there I guess. But it's true that you shouldn't read too deep into it. It's a fiction story. Even "based on a true story" books and shows are full of bull, as you put it. If you're looking for something that doesn't have that....good luck.

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Finished the first novel and started on the second. Then I got lazy and read the comic adaptation instead.

I hope it's just a bad adaptation but who knows. Maybe the second novel is really that inconsistent with the first. As far as I can tell, you can read the two independently because the author loves to repeat things, like I previously mentioned. It also follows a similar template with a different plot. I personally liked Tang San and Xiao Wu's relationship quite a bit. They're quite sweet.

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From the description, they sounded like different setups completely. I won't even bother reading the manga though. I read the first 3 chapters or so of Douluo Dalu, and it was annoying. They skipped half or more of the character development, and the relationships were pretty forced compared to the novel...I couldn't stand to read more of it.....

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Yeah, I know. Manga, or comic, adaptations are lacking in details, but that's what I was looking for. I didn't want to bother reading all the details. I sorta got tired of how the author writes. Not saying it's bad but too much of the same cookie cutting formula is boring. I simply wanted to know the general idea of where the plot goes. Btw, I seriously feel that things are really forced in the latter half.

For Douluo Dalu (novel), I enjoyed most of it except the later half.
It's awesome that our protagonist became a god, God of the Sea. But I call it a total bull. From Level 60 something and on, all he did was absorb more and more Spirit Rings or Bones and just levelled up from that. He got one ring from Xiao Wu, which was 100,000 years, and skyrocketed. Another one as a gift from the trials of the God of the Sea, which was also 100,000 years. One was from killing (pouring poison) into a Killer Whale spirit beast. Seriously, that's all he did. (Yes, he struggled a lot to absorb these two 100,000 years spirit ring but my point still stands that he didn't do much and got huge power boosts. Another two from Xiao Wu's best friends, Da Ming and Er Ming. He gave Xiao Wu's spirit ring back but he really did a whole lot from Level 60 something to Level 90. All he did was absorb more and more spirit rings, which he got three for free. The other Shrek members also got a ton of power boosts from the God of the Sea.

For Douluo Dalu 2 (manga/comic), it starts off similar to Douluo Dalu. If you want more of the same stuff, then it's good. Short version of spoiler, the protagonist will be "incredibly" lucky and walk to the road of becoming overpowered through luck and the power of the author's pen.
The story takes place around 10,000 years or so after the first. Tang San became the God of the Sea and also took on the God of Asura's position in the Realm of the Gods. It's basically governed by 5 top gods, and Tang San is one of them now. Tang San recreated Tang Sect in Douluo Dalu and by the end of the novel, Tang Sect became the number one sect in all of Douluo Dalu. Shrek Academy also became the most famous school. Around 4000ish years from the beginning of Douluo Dalu 2, Tang Sect started to slowly die out and went on decline. And by the beginning of the novel, there's only two members left in Tang Sect, which made absolutely no sense. The leader of this Tang Sect is only 16 or so years old.

Putting that aside, the new Douluo Dalu had another continent collide with it, somehow. And the inhabitants of Douluo Dalu waged war against the new continent and won. Thus, it is unified as Douluo Dalu again, but now with 4 kingdoms (one of the original two split into two smaller kingdoms while the original kingdoms in the new continent remained). With the new continent, a ton of things changed. First off, you can have body parts as your spirit. So it's not just spirit tools or spirit beasts as your spirit, you can have your own body part. Our protagonist has his eyes as his spirit. Next is the introduction of spirit weapons (tentative name). It's similar to the belt Tang San uses but they're weapons instead. With enough spirit energy channelling into it, things will happen. Our protagonist, which was Level 10 with Rank 1 attribute towards spirit energy, managed to kill a 10 year old monkey/ape with a spirit dagger (weapon). I call bull on that. (There are also spirit guns/cannons.)

Here is the most retarded part. Our protagonist's main attribute is related to the mind (e.g. . This means that he needs to find spirit beasts with the same attribute. And guess what? There's a silkworm that's 1,000,000 years old. And how did this silkworm survive for so long? He slept in the arctic and absorb energy from the surrounding ice. That's all he did. He slept for 1,000,000 years. Remember what happens when one reaches 1,000,000 years worth of experience/spirit energy? They are able to ascend and become a god. (I believe there's more than one saying/explanation in Duolou Dalu, so there's no consistency.) And guess what? While the silkworm was able to break the limits of a lifespan of 110,000 years, he seems to be reaching the end of his life. Thus, he limited his power and sacrificed himself and offered his powers to our protagonist.

Yes, our protagonist gained his first spirit ring that has 1,000,000 years worth of spirit energy/power. The silkworm limited it using 9 restraints and made the appearance like a 10 years spirit ring. But yes, a freaking 1,000,000 years spirit ring. Hacked and cheated beyond cheating.

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slimikyi wrote:Yeah, I know. Manga, or comic, adaptations are lacking in details, but that's what I was looking for. I didn't want to bother reading all the details. I sorta got tired of how the author writes.

I actually understand how you feel. The two stories that reminds me of are... Sword of Truth and Tarrin Kael.
I got so tired of rereading the description for the characters powers and history in Sword of Truth (word for word Identical a lot of times) that I started skipping the paragraphs whenever I got to them. And that's at least 2 paragraphs per chapter in the later books.....
Tarrin Kael, I basically skipped multiple paragraphs when a fight started because the Author really liked to drag things out. He made the main character out to be almost invincible, but almost every fight later on was an essay on his powers and fighting techniques. And worst of all, everyone easily beat the enemies he struggled with, but he was the strongest? lol.

Overall I liked the stories though. The Author of Sword of Truth needs to work on using copy/paste less. And the Author for the Tarrin Kael series needs to resist the urge to constantly talk about how powerful someone is and discussing every technique they have used or can't use, while dragging out fights. I understand why they do it ONCE per BOOK(not chapter). To refresh your memory if there was a long gap between them... But...meh.

I've noticed a little of that in Douluo. Especially when it comes to rehashing Tang San's history so far. It makes me feel bad for the translators because they have to read it to find out it's the same, lol. We'll see if it gets as bad as those two though.

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I can't remember all of them, but it always repeated how Tang San ate two special plants and how those two plants forged his body to a point of being incredibly durable and able to withstand higher rank spirit rings. Or like, "who is Tang San? Tang San came from Tang Sect! With his blah blah experience and blah blah knowledge, he can do blah blah." Or "through this and that, his this and that is beyond a normal person's this and that. You can't even compare him with another."

I know that some people, including myself, enjoy overpowered characters. But we really don't need a refresher in every fight.

Douluo Dalu 2 - And this is why it's not "Douluo Dalu 2" but "Jue Shi Tang Men" (Peerless/Unique Tang Sect). It's best to take it as a standalone series and even in the novel, it's best to look at each individual thing separately and not together. Because when it's together, it's inconsistent. Jue Shi Tang Men is worse than Douluo Dalu.
The author seriously made that world "broken" by breaking every rule he established in Douluo Dalu (exaggeration intended). For example, if a spirit decides to sacrifice/offer themselves to a person, then that person can easily accept it without any problem. Tang San was near death and Xiao Wu (who is actually a spirit beast) sacrificed herself and became one of Tang San's spirit ring. Being over 100,000 years old, Tang San would've exploded since it's only his 6th spirit ring. When he gained his 7th, he was near dead and was basically in a coma for like a month. Therefore, Yu Hao (Douluo Dalu 2's protagonist) wouldn't need to suffer a single bit when he was obtaining a "400,000 years old" spirit ring.

That's not the worst of it. He even broke the rule how you can use two spirits at the same time. And he didn't even break it for the protagonist only. He allowed it for another person who has two spirits. Seriously? It's like the author decided to throw common sense and logic out the window for Douluo Dalu 2, which he did. And that's because Yu Hao wasn't even born with two spirits. He had one and then a "1,000,000 years old" spirit ring bestowed the ability to obtain a second spirit to him. That's not all. During that time, the remnants of another world's god got mixed in and became his third spirit.

And apparently, with the spirit-powered tools/weapons (e.g. "technology"), you can capture newborn spirit beasts who tried to become human. And by capturing them in this machine, you can directly absorb their spirit ring and spirit bone, which makes sense. As if you kill any normal 100,000 years old spirit beast, you'll get their spirit ring and bone. But the bs part is that this spirit-powered tool gives the user a chance to fully absorb the spirit beast (human form) as the user's second spirit.

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Having read upto halfway through the sequel with systran, I may have misunderstood some points but I think that several of the points mentioned aren't actually inconsistencies:

Douluo Dalu 1:
The pope total soul ring age exceeding 600 000 years is explained by the fact that like Tang, she has also started to become a god since a while in the past but has been holding off on completing her god training until she can obtain ideal soul rings.

Douluo Dalu 2:

My thoughts about the silkworm not becoming a god depiste it's age: It's mentioned in the original series that humans after reaching soul level 95 require some degree of enlightenment to gain each subsequent soul level, the same seems to apply to soul beasts(in how they have to breakthrough a mental wall every 100 000 years or die) in order for them to become a god. Given how the silkworm slept through most of those 1 000 000 years, he didn't meet the requirements in spirit energy/experience to actually become a god despite his age though this doesn't explain how he lived despite not breaking through every 100 000 years. Also he's dying because other spirit beasts killed his physical body and his spiritual body which escaped is highly vulnerable and unable to sustain itself.

The protagonist kind of needed the silkworm's soul ring despite how OPed it is given his situation. That he started at soul level 1 and it's clearly mentioned several times that one's starting soul level has a huge impact on how quickly one gains soul levels and he's already spent 5 years just to reach soul level 10 at the start of the story.

Just because a spirit offers itself doesn't mean the person in question can actually accept them, it just hugely reduces the burden on the person in question without completely eliminating the difficulty and larger discrepancies between the spirit and person will further increase the pain/difficulty. Tang absorbs Xiao Wu's 100 000 year soul ring at level 60. Where as in Huo's case he was absorbing a 400 000 year soul ring(more difficult to absorb) at soul level 20(less able to absorb older soul rings) which would have hugely increased the difficulty and was likely only even possible due to silkworm helping him seal the soul ring's strength.

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