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Arc indications

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1 Arc indications on Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:50 am

Started reading this supreme gem couple of days ago, I've now caught up to the translation, and as I really, really...really hate cliffhangers, I'm wondering if some kind soul could provide some chapter arc indicators (for example, which chapter is the last one in the current spirit hunt arc).


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2 Re: Arc indications on Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:08 pm

I would appreciate some of that info too Very Happy

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3 Re: Arc indications on Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:43 pm

The spirit beast hunt arc ends at

Chapter 89

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4 Re: Arc indications on Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:40 pm

Thanks. Any chance you could outline the coming 10 or so arcs? Smile

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5 Re: Arc indications on Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:49 pm

Not really, I haven't read that far myself, but I could give a brief overview up to chapter 123, which seems to be approaching the end of the next arc. I guess we could split that into 2-3 sub arcs, though?

Basically, (beware, total spoilers, I'm being pretty detailed)

The spirit beast hunting:
The first spirit ring is the Giant Earth King which goes to Fatty, giving him the Phoenix Cry Heavenly Strike ability, a stun+heavy attack with a long lead-up.

The second ring is the Pink Queen that goes to Oscar, giving him the Stimulating Pink Sausage, which increases all attributes to 110%. That's an objective 110%, so even if you would only give 80% because you weren't motivated, or you were affected by some poison or spirit ability, you'd still give 110% of your full ability.

Next they can't find anything for a while, so Tang San uses an immortal treasure to attract *all* the spirit beasts.

Zhuqing gets a Shadow Tiger's Doppelgänger ability, creating a fake of herself.

Rongrong gets a Plate Armored Croc's ability, giving her defense.

Tang San gets:
a ten thousand year Pit Demon Spider's ability, Blue Silver Prison. He can basically instacast prison cages around multiple enemies at once - a mob control ability.

Xiao Wu almost gets killed by a six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider, Tang San goes berserk and instagibs it with Eight Spider Lances, draining it, and leveling up the lances in the process.

Xiao Wu is becomes Liu Erlong's nominally adopted daughter.

Grandmaster and Liu Erlong get together, but only platonically.

After that there's the

Pre-selection competition:
A round robin team competition to select the five representative Academies of the Heaven Dou City region, with 28 teams participating. The format is 7v7, and Shrek wants to hide their strength, so they use four students from the Academy as filler (Tai Long among them), so only three Shrek students have to appear.

Shrek goes up first against the B-team from Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, and annihilates them in under a minute. Everyone are shocked over Tang San's fourth ring.

Tang San discovers a whole new way of cultivating that essentially turns all the wild blue silver grass within a hundred meters to *his* blue silver grass, and he can sense everything they can sense. According to Grandmaster it's a special mimicry environment that otherwise only appears for powerful spirit masters over rank 70.

Most fights are easy, but the five elemental academies are introduced. The first is the elephant armored academy, backed by one of the four lower sects. Basically a powerhouse, but Shrek wins with tactics.

School master Ning introduces Tang San to his student, the imperial crown prince who is a fan of Tang Hao, and reveals what he knows of his background. Turns out Tang Hao is so famous because right after he became the youngest Title Douluo ever at age 44, the same year Tang San was born, he beat Spirit Hall's two Title Douluo one after another (Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo). Then he disappeared.

They fight the Blazing Fire Academy, and Tang San pretty much breaks their morale by revealing his grass is now immune to fire. He also uses his martial arts to humiliate several of them. Their control system spirit master Huo Wu gets real angry at that, and promises a relationship with the captain of the Godwind academy (who's always had a crush on her) if he can beat Tang San.

The Blue Sunshine Academy from when they were going to Star Dou Great Forest shows up, and their teacher decides their team is too dangerous and tries to assassinate Tang San with his nightmare illusion ability. When the illusion shows Xiao Wu about to be raped by Bu Le, Tang San can't hold back anymore and kills him with a Yama's Invitation. He gets a spirit bone but doesn't use it.

Blue Sunshine also uses a similar illusion ability by combining all of their abilities, and Tang San uses it as a cover to use his Purple Demon Eye to turn them all into vegetables for life.

There's some ruckus after that, because seriously harming the opponents is against the rules, but nobody can prove it wasn't just ability backlash, and since the main instigator is the local spirit hall bishop, the whole matter is dropped when Grandmaster flashes Tang Hao's order tile.

They have to miss the next couple of matches, and as a result don't fight either Godwind or Thunderclap academy.

They do fight the Skywater academy, an all female team. Things get hairy when they lock down Tang San's abilities with ice, and even use an Ice Phoenix spirit fusion ability, but in the end both sides consider it a loss and agree to a draw.

When Spirit Hall realizes Tang San is only fourteen, and already over rank 40, and has that fourth ring, they decide he has to e recruited or have an accident during the tournament.

Tang San is depressed over not being able to win that last fight, and is worried his Grass isn't good enough. Dugu Bo shows up and explains that in order for there to be twin spirits, both parents' spirits have to be equally strong, so there's no way his Grass is just common Grass. Tang San works out a way to combine his Grass with his hidden weapons skills.

Then there's the

Rank advancement competition:
To decide priority between the 15 teams Heaven Dou Empire sends to the tournament. It's another round robin, but this time it's a tag team 1v1 knock out format.

Meng Yiran is present, but Tang San is convalescent during that fight and we don't see much interaction.

Their first opponent is the Balak Kingdom official academy. Xiao Wu makes a strong showing by beating five of them in a row, and they just give up when Tang San tags in and reveals his fourth ring.

Most fights are easy. They face Blazing academy again, and Tang San single-handedly annihilates almost their whole team with his new style, then comes up against Huo Wu last who goes berserk and tries to kill him, then almost dies when she can't control her final ability and Tang San has to take the attack to save her life. She's all out after that and concedes the rest of the match.

Tang San is convalescent a while. They face more opponents, notably a plant academy, where Fatty shocks everyone by showing up for the first time (a fifth person with four rings), and singlehandedly annihilates all seven.

When he's up and walking again, Huo Wu confronts him and repays him with her first kiss. Tang San manages to dodge and is only kissed on the cheek. He tells everything to Xiao Wu, who decides to mark her territory by properly settling all first kisses in question.

They face the Skywater academy which is much easier when 1v1, without the spirit fusion ability.

They face the Thunderclap academy, led by Yu Tian-Heng's older and almost as talented cousin. They're strong, but are perfectly countered by Grandmaster's strategy and it ends with a the manliest showdown of all between the Thunderclap captain and Mubai. Turns out that the immortal treasure Mubai gave allowed him to cultivate a vajra body, making him nearly immune to lightning. He had apparently also been holding back the entire tournament so far.

Finally they face the Godwind academy. The captain saw Huo Wu kiss Tang San and is pissed, so he challenges Tang San to settle it all in a single 1v1, loser concedes the match. Everyone urges Tang San to agree, so he does. The Godwind captain uses his ultimate technique, and Tang San counters with his Clear Sky Hammer and the hammer technique his father taught him. Apparently that's a technique only taught to directly descended children of the Clear Sky Clan.

When the Spirit Hall bishop discovers Tang San is rank 43 at age 14, has that fourth ring, has twin spirits, is the son of Tang Hao, and might have a spirit bone, they decide he *has* to die, no matter what.

After that, things start to happen in a really big way.

The main tournament:
It's a knock out competition between 33 teams, 15 from each empire's selection tournament and 1 directly nominated from each empire (like the Emperor Team) and 1 from Spirit Hall. The competition has *mysteriously* been moved from its original location to the main stronghold of spirit hall. It's a long way there, and all the empire teams travel in a convoy.

On the way, Huo Wu really wants to win and comes to an agreement with the Godwind academy to combine the strongest of both teams into the Godwind academy.

They are also attacked by "bandits". 1500 black dressed bandits appear, and even if they don't release their spirits, each is as strong as a 30th ranked spirit master. There are also 30 50th ranked spirit masters who stall the teachers. Tang San uses hidden weapons to kill like a hundred of the assailants, when a golden eagle spirit douluo and two spirit sages appear. The sages distract Flender and Erlong who are responsible for protection, while the spirit douluo is about to kill all of the kids. Then Meng Yiran's grandparents show up and block the spirit Douluo.

Then a white dressed "bandit" Title Douluo appears, and the dragon serpent couple backs down. So now the Spirit Douluo is about to kill them again, when the Title Douluo gets really interested in Xiao Wu's flower, and orders him not to kill her. Then he gets interested in Dai Mubai who has eaten another immortal treasure flower and orders that he should live too. When the Spirit Douluo is about to try for a fourth time, Dugu Bo shows up, and blocks him and the now revealed Chrysanthemum Douluo. Then a second "bandit" Title Douluo shows up, Ghost Douluo, and blocks Dugu Bo. Then school master Ning shows up with the Sword Douluo, and everyone just stands down.

Uncle Ning tries to convince Tang San to go into hiding, but since the chance of Spirit Hall trying again before the end of the tournament is low, he refuses.

In the meantime, Grandmaster went ahead to see the Supreme Pontiff, Bibi Dong, in order to learn how she managed to complete cultivating twin spirits. But, since she's his yandere ex girlfriend who's hated him for 20 years because he ran off to have a relationship with his cousin, things don't really work out well.

Xiao Wu ranks up under the trip, and goes of with Erlong for a spirit ring. Her fourth ability is Golden Body, which makes her invulnerable to all attacks for 3 seconds, and doubles her spirit power for 1 second.

Once the tournament starts, their first opponent is the now gutted Blazing team which surrenders before the fight, and they get a free rest day.

Their next fight is against the Star Luo imperial seed. Turns out two prominent members are the older siblings of Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, and they reveal that because of their clan traditional fostering methods, unless Mubai and Zhuqing prove themselves better than their older siblings in some way before they're 25, thereby gaining the right to compete for inheritance their clans will kill them. So the Shrek 7 go all out and annihilate them with their most powerful abilities from the start.

Mubai afterwards reveals that their clan is the Star Luo imperial family. He's the third imperial prince.

The Emperor Team's first fight is against the Spirit Hall team, and they're wiped out. The Spirit Hall team's lowest ranked members are rank 45, and their three highest members, the Golden Generation, are all over rank 50. Two of the strongest are also siblings with a spirit fusion ability.

With Star Luo's seed defeated by Shrek, Heaven Dou's seed defeated by Spirit Hall, the three teams remaining in the finals are Shrek, Spirit Hall, and the newly reorganized Godwind.

And that's as far as I've read, at chapter 124. But, I will spoil some chapter titles after that.

Chapter 125:
Shock, Seven Devil Fusion Ability

Chapter 126:
Tool Spirit True Form, Deep Gold Clear Sky Hammer

Chapter 127:
Shrek Seven Devils' Full Strength

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6 Re: Arc indications on Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:25 pm

Question, if I may. I only sort of browsed your spoilers, lol.
Does Grandmaster ever quit being an absolute retard regarding Erlong while they are both still alive?
After chapter 82-83, I want to strangle him and Flender both. -_-;;
I half expect one of them to die in the near future so....yeah.....But I'm guessing.

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7 Re: Arc indications on Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:55 am


At the end of the spirit beast hunting arc, Flender convinces Grandmaster to get into a platonic relationship with Erlong. Basically they'll act as much as husband and wife as they can get without kissing or anything beyond. Erlong takes it because it's the best she can get, but Flender's forecast is that Grandmaster won't hold out forever.

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8 Re: Arc indications on Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:04 am

Ah, I see. Well that's a fair enough estimate on Flender's part.
I guess we'll all just have to wait and see eh.
I just hope I'm wrong about Grandmaster or Erlong dying before things progress.
I've read too many stories that try to throw in plot twists like that.....

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9 Re: Arc indications on Mon Mar 23, 2015 5:54 pm

Thanks for the rundown Bagelsob.

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10 Re: Arc indications on Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:33 am

I guess I'll fill you in on the rest of that arc.

The tournament has two stages. First a round robin 1v1 between the three finalist teams. The two lowest scorers then fight each other, and the winner from there fights the last team in the true finals.

The Shreks discover that the Spirit Hall team and the Godwind Academy team are in cahoots to defeat them, cooperating to tire them out as much as possible before the matches. So Shrek concedes the 1v1 part, and end up fighting Godwind in the first match.

They use an experimental Seven Devil Fusion Technique. It's not a true spirit fusion ability, but it allows them to focus their spirit power and strength on one member, in this case Tang San. It's much more powerful than they imagined, and Tang San manages to use Clear Sky Hammer Avatar to completely destroy the opposing team. Unfortunately that technique damages his soul, so he can't use it in the next match.

The finals is hard, but they have a workable plan where Tang San fights the Spirit Hall team's spirit fusion pair since he's immune to their illusion techniques, while the others hold up the rest of the team. It's a really close call, and Tang San ultimately loses his 1v2 fight, but only barely, and he still has enough strength left to execute a throwing technique with the shattered remains of his Eight Spider Lances, poisoning most of the Spirit Hall team's members, ending it with Shrek's win.

So they're handed the reward of the three spirit bones and the tournament is declared over. After which the Supreme Pontiff orders Chrysanthemum and Ghost to capture Xiao Wu, since they noticed she was actually a hundred thousand year spirit beast.

Tang San reveals he's known for a long time, and still loves her. Dugu Bo tries to help, but is blocked by the Supreme Pontiff. Tang Hao shows up and uses Clear Sky Hammer Avatar and his hundred thousand year spirit ring to attack Supreme Pontiff Hall, which takes the power of seven Spirit Hall Title Douluo to block, and they're still pushed back.

Tang Hao escapes with Tang San and Xiao Wu, and while Tang San is sleeping sends Xiao Wu off to Heaven Dou Great Forest until she's matured enough that her spirit beast aura can't be discovered.

The other Shrek Devils also split up. Oscar goes with Rongrong to 7 Treasure School. Mubai and Zhuqing go to fight over the Star Luo imperial throne. Fatty just goes on a roadtrip. They decide to meet again in five years.

Then comes the training arc.

In short, that's all split into a few parts:

Hammer Method training to improve his hammer control

Tang San's Blue Silver Emperor awakening, to reveal the true power of Tang San's grass and give him his fifth spirit ring and Blue Silver Domain. He also becomes a bish.

Slaughter City's Slaughter tournament to give him the Deathgod Domain

Studying at Tang San's aunt's etiquette school to teach him to be human again.

That all takes almost five years, after which Tang Hao tells Tang San the story of his mother. Tang Hao has now cut off an arm and a leg to release two spirit bones that belongs to the Clear Sky Sect, and also to heal his old injuries that would otherwise kill him. This also means his spirit power has dropped to the 70's, but he's happy to leave all his old grudges and debts for Tang San to handle, while he stays with Tang San's mother's remains.


Tang San goes to Clear Sky Sect to pay respects to his ancestors. He's allowed to do so after defeating the strongest member of his generation, and one of the elders.

It turns out Clear Sky now has six Title Douluo.

They're all suitably impressed with Tang San and decide to give him three conditions to gain forgiveness for him and his father. Within ten years he must 1: reach Spirit Douluo level, 2: Gain a 100k year spirit ring, 3: take the head of a Spirit Hall Title Douluo with his own hands.

Now it's been five years and it's time for the reunion.

Nobody recognizes Tang San because he changed so much from the second awakening, but eventually misunderstandings are cleared up. Xiao Wu is missing of course, but so is Oscar who went on a journey to become a Battle Spirit Master so he could marry Rongrong.

Everyone's levelled up massively, and only Tang San and Fatty haven't gotten their sixth rings yet.

The rest have an exhibition match vs Flender and Wuji, and the poor teachers pretty much get wrecked.

After that Tang San is rank 59, and decides to go to find Xiao Wu, since he was told she should be about ready by the time he gets his sixth ring.

Of course, Spirit Hall causes trouble.

While he's on the way, Spirit Hall starts moving. They decide to attack 7 Treasure School and Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. 7Treasure School has Tang San's hidden weapons and manage to survive, but they still lose 2/3 of their members. Sword Douluo also loses an arm. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan is less fortunate and everyone present are completely annihilated - this sort of hits Grandmaster and Erlong hard. Spirit Hall loses about 7000 spirit masters in the attempt, though.

Given that two of the upper three sects are more or less destroyed, and the third is locked away, Spirit Hall announces a tournament to decide on seven new Great Sects, clearly in a bid to control the Spirit Master world.

Tang San discovers a team of Spirit Hall spirit masters in Star Dou Great Forest looking for Xiao Wu, and who are about to find her. He infiltrates them and goes along. The Spirit Hall Title Douluo fight the Titan Giant Ape and Skyblue Bull Python and manage to block them with a Spirit Fusion Ability while ordering all their accompanying Spirit Sages to grab Xiao Wu. Tang San interferes, kills a few, and it turns into a running battle.

In the end Tang San kills 11 of the 20 Spirit Sages, but he and Xiao Wu are blocked by a Man Faced Demon Spider and the Spirit Sages catch up. Tang San sacrifices his life to save Xiao Wu, but Xiao Wu won't have none of that and sacrifices her own life and soul to save Tang San, giving him her 100k spirit ring and spirit bone.

Xiao Wu is reduced to a dying rabbit, But by eating the Yearning Heartbroken Red she still manages to survive. Unfortunately, her body is in rabbit form and her soul is attached to his spirit ring, but there's a chance she can survive if Tang San finds a bunch of super rare plants and sacrifices nine spirit rings, which he of course agrees to, though it'll take a few years.

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11 Re: Arc indications on Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:31 am

That is a really Really nice spoiler Very Happy loved it.

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12 Re: Arc indications on Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:35 pm

Well, then I'll continue, I guess.

After all that, it's time for Tang San to start with one of his long term goals,

founding the:
Tang Sect. And he does it while carrying a rabbit the whole time.

When he's back at Shrek Academy, Mubai and Zhuqing have left for Star Luo to negotiate a treaty between the Empires against Spirit Hall. But Oscar's back, and he has a sausage that lets him copy other peoples' spirit abilities, and he wins the right to date Rongrong.

Tang San convinces school master Ning to fund his new Tang Sect.

He starts by recruiting the Orangutan family's Strength Clan. That's also when he finds out that the Strength Clan makes a living as blacksmiths, and Tai Tan is the vice president of the forging association, as well as one of three Godcrafters in the world (the other two are Tang Hao and the association president).

Tai Tan agrees largely because of Tang Hao, but he gets ever more enthusiastic as Tang San starts revealing his hidden weapons. Tai Tan is also about to head off to the biannual meeting of the Four Single Category Clans that were once the greatest subordinate clan of the Clear Sky Sect. But now they all hate the whole Tang clan for abandoning them when they sealed the Sect.

The Defense Clan has a rhino spirit and have incomparable defense, and are world class builders. The Agility Clan have a needletailed swift spirit, and are the fastest Spirit Masters in the world, and they specialize in scouting and information gathering. The Breaking Clan have a spear spirit with superlative attack power, and make their living making medicines (and poisons), but are also the ones who suffered the most.

Tang San tags along to recruit them, and brings Fatty.

They run into Bu Le and his two friends on the way, and beat them up properly. Tang San doesn't even need to use any spirit abilities, since his spirit bones are pretty cheaty. He can fly, teleport, and become invulnerable for a few seconds.

He wins over all the clan heads by beating them in what they're best at - defense, speed and attack.

In the process he discovers that his sixth spirit ring actually summons Xiao Wu's soul and allows her to attack, but it comes at the cost of consuming Xiao Wu's soul instead of his spirit power, so he refuses to use it. It also makes him immune to physical attacks, and reduces other attacks by 50%. Of course, Xiao Wu will come out on her own when he's in danger.

He also gets hold of a rare herb which is promptly eaten by rabbit Xiao Wu, who then evolves into her human form. This causes some issues since she still has a lot of rabbit instincts - making her dislike clothes, for instance, and still refuses to sleep anywhere but with Tang San.

The other clans start moving to Heaven Dou City, and Tang San now commands a thousand Spirit Masters.

Fatty also gets a very one-sided crush on the granddaughter of the Agility Clan.

The plan is to produce hidden weapons for 7 treasure sect and the imperial military to go up against Spirit Hall.

Of course. he still needs a lot of materials to mass produce hidden weapons, so they have to head to the metal capital of the world.

This time it's Tai Tan, Tang San, Fatty, Rongrong and Oscar who goes.

They go meet the president of the smithing association, who has gotten hold of a Godly Zhuge Crossbow that Spirit Hall plundered in their attack on the 7 treasure school. He's completely in love with it, and pretty much on the spot gives up his presidency and joins Tang Sect. His plan is to steal the secrets and leave, until Tang San ropes him in with the really advanced hidden weapons.

Rongrong reveals one of the hidden attributes of her spirit, which allows her to recognize valuable stuff, and suddenly Tang San has materials for all the top three mechanical type hidden weapons.

A sleazy Spirit Hall tries to put his hands on Xiao Wu, but Tang San sends him off with his father's order tile. A bit later Tang San also takes revenge by annihilating all the Spirit Hall Spirit Masters in the city, and has Fatty burn their temple.

When they return to Heaven Dou City, the other clans have already arrived. Tang San is the sect master, the other 7 Devils are deputy sect masters, and each clan leader plus the smithing president are elders.

That's about when Spirit Hall starts making trouble again.

The Emperor is dying from poison, and Dugu Bo comes to find Tang San to help heal him. Tang San also brings the Breaking Clan chief, who is an accomplished pharmacist.

When they try to enter the Emperor's palace they're blocked by Spirit Hall Spirit Masters disguised as palace guards. Crown prince Qinghe shows up with two Spirit Hall title douluo, and reveals himself as the mastermind. He has also surrounded the remains of the 7 treasure school, as well as Shrek Academy. And that's on top of taking control of the imperial military.

Qinghe had planned for everything except the Breaking Clan chief, whose attack is on the level of Title Douluo, and the Spirit Hall side are suddenly at a disadvantage. So Qinghe has to act himself, and reveals his Six Winged Angel spirit, a super first class spirit, and traps Tang San in his Angel Domain.

After some quibbling, Tang San manages to break the Angel Domain, but exhausts all his spirit power in the process, while Qinghe still has some left.

Qinghe reveals he's actually a she, Qian Ren Xue, and the daughter of the former Supreme Pontiff (who was killed by Tang Hao) in disguise. She's about to kill Tang San when Xiao Wu autosummons and beats her down. Breaking chief and Dugu Bo beat down one of the Title Douluo, and then the entire Golden Iron Triangle appears, wiping out the lower level Spirit Hall Spirit Masters, but the two title douluo escape with the princess.

Breaking chief saves the emperor, and they all escape back to Shrek Academy, where the surrounding Spirit Hall army has been wiped out by the combined efforts of 7 treasure school who escaped their encirclement with an escape tunnel, and Tang Sect.

This is where Sword Douluo reveals that there's actually a massive power difference between each spirit power rank after 95, and that Spirit Hall is backed by a super rank 99 Title Douluo, who is also the father of the former Supreme Pontiff.

They treat the Emperor, and take back command of the city, but Qian Ren Xue has escaped with her secret army, and killed two fifths of the Star Dou Empire's Spirit Master army in the process.

Tang San is being rewarded by getting the title of King, named Lan Hao; is made the imperial tutor to the new crown prince; and receives a divine treasure with a bunch of powers.

Grandmaster tells him all the Seven Devils should go off to train, and suggests they leave for Seagod Island.

Before leaving, Tang San visits Clear Sky Sect, and his uncle reveals that the reason Clear Sky Sect got the name First Sect Under Heaven was because of his great grandfather, who was also a level 99 Douluo and stronger than Spirit Hall's. He left 30 years ago to find a way to reach rank 100 and hasn't been seen since, but may still be alive since a level 99 Douluo can live for centuries.

He also brings Xiao Wu to see Tang Hao and the remains of his mom, and get their blessing for their engagement.

That's about as far along as I am, slightly over chapter 200.

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13 Re: Arc indications on Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:24 am

Would love to read about it when it gets translated Very Happy

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14 Re: Arc indications on Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:03 pm

Crap, reading this I don't think I can hold out in-between chapters releases, I think I will put this great novel on-hold till it's all translated!

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15 Re: Arc indications on Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:29 pm

Bagelson wrote:

The finals is hard, but they have a workable plan where Tang San fights the Spirit Hall team's spirit fusion pair since he's immune to their illusion techniques, while the others hold up the rest of the team. It's a really close call, and Tang San ultimately loses his 1v2 fight, but only barely, and he still has enough strength left to execute a throwing technique with the shattered remains of his Eight Spider Lances, poisoning most of the Spirit Hall team's members, ending it with Shrek's win.

Question is in the spoiler below:

Since Tang San's Spider Lances are shattered here, does he lose them or do they get repaired?

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16 Re: Arc indications on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:19 am

GooglieGeeker wrote:
Bagelson wrote:

The finals is hard, but they have a workable plan where Tang San fights the Spirit Hall team's spirit fusion pair since he's immune to their illusion techniques, while the others hold up the rest of the team. It's a really close call, and Tang San ultimately loses his 1v2 fight, but only barely, and he still has enough strength left to execute a throwing technique with the shattered remains of his Eight Spider Lances, poisoning most of the Spirit Hall team's members, ending it with Shrek's win.

Question is in the spoiler below:

Since Tang San's Spider Lances are shattered here, does he lose them or do they get repaired?

They regenerate over time and, like bone, grow stronger.

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17 Re: Arc indications on Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:42 pm

That makes sense. Thanks!

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18 Re: Arc indications on Sun Apr 05, 2015 7:54 am

Bagelson, does Tang San
kill the pope and/or take care of the Spirit Hall situation?  Also, what is his final level?  He gets nothing but 100k rings or higher on both spirits, so he must break through level 100, right?  I wouldn't be surprised if he got close or surpassed 200.

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19 Re: Arc indications on Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:17 am

I haven't actually read that far, but from what I can gather from hints so far and the later chapter titles,

The latter part of the series is all a major war with Spirit Hall. When someone reaches rank 100 they become a god, and there's a bunch of god level battles by the end. I expect both Tang San and the Pope become dual gods and battle it out. There's also mention of an Angel god, as well as god titles for several of the Shrek Seven.

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20 Re: Arc indications on Sun May 03, 2015 6:32 am

Hi Bagelson, I was wondering if you could continue writing these summaries/spoilers ^^ I'm pretty surprised this particular thread hasn't garnered more attention than it currently has though XD in any case I'm thankful for your efforts in translating thus far and look forward to seeing tang san kicking butt in all that upcoming action!

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21 Re: Arc indications on Sun May 03, 2015 2:12 pm

mlmx wrote:Hi Bagelson, I was wondering if you could continue writing these summaries/spoilers ^^ I'm pretty surprised this particular thread hasn't garnered more attention than it currently has though XD in any case I'm thankful for your efforts in translating thus far and look forward to seeing tang san kicking butt in all that upcoming action!

Here's some spoilers from where Bagelson left off. It's my first time writing spoilers so I apologize for any poor work, I definitely missed out some details but I'm pretty sure the important ones are there. Also, let me know how I can improve!

-The group of 7 along with the granddaughter of the agility clan, BaiChenXiang heads for Seagod Island.

-They see a ransacked village along the way and find the culprits, a large group of wolf-men/werewolves (not sure which is more suitable)

-TangSan, DaiMuBai and Fatty eliminates them and ends up in 1v1 battles against the 3 leaders.

-They won and DaiMuBai gets a new spirit bone although Fatty got injured in the fight.

-They arrive at the port where Fatty and BaiChenXiang participates in a 2v2 arena battle to better understand spirit users who utilizes the power of the sea.

-Fatty barely won against a pair of brothers who had a spirit fusion technique.

-TangSan and co. then visits the auction house looking to purchase a sea vehicle for emergency use and they bought a submarine-like spirit tool.

-They board a ship headed for Seagod Island but it turns out the crew are pirates.

-The pirates fail to drug Shrek since TangSan is the master of poison and they proceed to kill of most of the crew, leaving behind just enough to navigate the seas.

-Captain who was left alive decided to navigate to dangerous waters for revenge and they got attacked by one of the strongest sea spirit beast.

-Shrek tried to fight but they couldn't beat it and decided to escape with the flying sausage.

-TangSan stays behind to stall the spirit beast and just as he was about to get killed, a spiritual figure appears and chases the spirit beast away. (Figure originates from the treasure the emperor gave TangSan)

-TangSan wakes up on an island while being treated by the island's doctor. The island is also the headquarters of the pirates.

-As thanks, he accepts the doctor as his disciple and teaches him some of the Tang sect techniques which helps him in his line of work.

-Upon recovery, TangSan intends to request help from the leader of the pirates in searching for his companions.

-He finds his companions captured by the pirates and proceeds to demonstrate his wrath and power.

-TangSan gains control of the pirates as he holds their leader hostage and he helps his companions recover before heading to Seagod Island.

-He leaves the island in relatively good terms as it's hinted that the pirate leader, who's a females fell in love with him.

-Upon arrival at Seagod's island they are told that they have to be tested if they want to stay.

-They head to one of the 7 pillars on the island where tests are given out and meet with the title doulou (Seahorse Doulou) who's guarding the pillar.

-Tests comes in different colors which signifies the difficulty (white -> yellow -> purple -> black -> red) and also each test has a number of tasks relative to the difficulty.

-Individuals have a year to complete each task and failure to do so will result in punishment relative to the difficulty with punishment for failing a black-ranked task resulting in death.

-Completing the test also grants authority on the island based on the difficulty.

-DaiMuBai volunteers to be first and receives a 6 task black-ranked test.

-Seahorse Doulou reveals that in the past hundreds of years, only 7 out of 31 people completed their black ranked test and these 7 people are all title doulous who each guard a pillar on the island. Furthermore, he himself only completed a 4 task black-ranked test. Only Seadragon Doulou who is one of the strongest among them and has a spirit rank exceeding 95 has completed a 6 task black-ranked test.

-ZhuZhuQing gets a 5 task black-ranked test and Oscar gets a 6 task black-ranked test.

-NingRongRong then gets a 7 task red-ranked test, also known as the 7 task top-ranked test as red is supposedly as high as it goes. Seahorse Doulou then reveals that no one has ever failed the 7 task top-ranked test as the people chosen for this test are usually exceptional individuals who possess qualities which allows them to complete their test. The current leader of Seagod Island is also the most recent person to have completed the test and if NingRongRong successfully complete hers, there is a high possibility that she will become the successor.

-BaiChenXiang then gets a 1 task yellow-ranked test which is to kiss Fatty. She complete it and gains a spirit rank as reward for completing the test.

-Fatty then receives his test, 6 task black-ranked.

-TangSan proceeds to receive his test but the light emitting from the pillar suddenly shines to XiaoWu and gives her a 1 task top-ranked test while TangSan gets a 9 task golden-ranked test.

-Seahorse Doulou has no idea what TangSan's test is suppose to mean as he has never seen such a thing before, on the other hand, he reveals that XiaoWu's single task is simply to accompany TangSan complete his 9 task. Note that Seahorse Doulou has also never heard of a 1 task top-ranked test.

-The Seagod island's leader then appears and tells TangSan that his test is also known as the Seagod's 9 test and that she has been waiting for him for over a hundred years.

-As TangSan is about to bow to her she stops him and tells him that no one on this island, including herself is worthy enough to accept it.

-She then tells Seahorse Doulou to bring them to his town to rest and also to give them VIP treatment while they are attempting their tasks.

-In the town, they each reveal their first task and it turns out that it's similar for all of them.

-The name of their task is "Pass Through, Light of the Sea God" except for TangSan whose task is named "Pass Through, Light of the Sea God- Double".

-Their task is to enter the forbidden area of the island which emits a light that repels people. The higher they climb the stronger the light becomes and everyone's task is to make it to the 108th level. However, NingRongRong's task is to make it to the 138th while TangSan has to climb to the 333rd level.
Chapter 219.

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22 Re: Arc indications on Sun May 03, 2015 6:19 pm

Maybe it's because I'm using my phone but I cant seem to do a reply quoting your message like I'd expect on the computer. Anyway thanks Marcuz for continuing where Bagelson left off XD I think that when it comes to spoilers there's no need to be picky so I'm happy with what I get out of them. Your spoilers were coherent, which is probably what matters most to me. They'd only improve with more details, that'll eventually turn it into a summary and beyond that, pseudo-translation(?) lol. I'd love a continuation anytime after you've read ahead more and feel like writing some again though. Craving never truly ends until the series is done XD

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23 Re: Arc indications on Fri May 08, 2015 6:42 pm

mlmx wrote:Maybe it's because I'm using my phone but I cant seem to do a reply quoting your message like I'd expect on the computer. Anyway thanks Marcuz for continuing where Bagelson left off XD I think that when it comes to spoilers there's no need to be picky so I'm happy with what I get out of them. Your spoilers were coherent, which is probably what matters most to me. They'd only improve with more details, that'll eventually turn it into a summary and beyond that, pseudo-translation(?) lol. I'd love a continuation anytime after you've read ahead more and feel like writing some again though. Craving never truly ends until the series is done XD

Actually, I just found out that there's a more detailed and complete spoiler discussion/document up on Bagelson's google drive folder. If you're interested in more spoilers, you can head there to read them, it goes all the way up to chapter 272.

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