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to clarify a few things

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1to clarify a few things Empty to clarify a few things on Fri Jun 12, 2015 2:52 pm

tang san rings after becoming god:
For completing all of the god trials he gets an upgrade of 50,000 years to all rings, making all of his rings red on both spirits (after resurection he replaces all the lost rings with 50k + rings), except the 9th ring on his hammer which becomes 1 million+ year god level ring and it is red and gold. This is not the same as his tenth ring that is blue gold and huge and always around. after becoming god i am pretty sure he doesn't use another spirit ring, the last 50-70 chapters is like watching two little kids play so i skipped a lot ( my power of the sun can do this, oh yeah well my sea power can do this ext ext.) So i do not know what his god level spirit rings do

daming and erming:
They are never resurrected, and probably never were. Daming and Erming larva stage bodies die after they sacrifice to Tang and are buried at the ice/fire well after little dances resurection.

With no bodies, even tang thinks that resurrection is probably impossible but wont tell little dance.

Tang hao:
When tang hao fought with spirit hall his body was severly injured, and he could die at anytime due to internal injuries. He cuts off his arm and leg to return the spirit bones as an appology and also to live longer so he can see his wife again, he actually looks younger after the amputation.

Later tang uses the healing power of his mothers spirit bone along with the sprit bones his dad removed from himself to restore his dads limbs. He does this by cutting another inch off the amputated area, then placing the spirit bone on the amputated bone and channeling the healing power to the limb. After tang fixes his dads meridians he is stronger than ever, i think spirit power of 96.

tangs mom:
Tangs mom was a plant type spirit beast with great vitality, because of that her soul was still with her larva body after her sacrifice(she never died just returned to a state of zero cultivation aka blue silver seeds) and tangs dad has been growing her since the sacrifice in secret. But in order to take human form again she has to cultivate to 100,000 years. Tang's dad did not have to remove any spirit rings to resurrect her since her soul never left her body, even though i am pretty sure he told tang san that he would have to, author must have forgotten about that..

little dances mom/dad:
they were killed by other spirit beasts at the center of the forest, both were 100,000 year spirit beasts little dance too, but did not turn into humans. This was a side story

Is really funny just a couple of gods sitting around laughing about how they made tang so powerful.

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