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Does the incestuous romance theme bother anyone else or is it just me and grandmaster? I just rly hate the idea of tang san getting together with someone he sees as his sister. like i have a adopted sister and thats just abt one the grosses things i can think of. I feel like ppl tht are all abt sibling insest dont have siblings because its just beyond gross to even contemplate.

2insest theme Empty Re: insest theme on Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:09 am

Well in Grandmaster`s case I dont really see the problem, they are cousins (not siblings), and actually never knew each other before.

As for Tang San and Xiao Wu, I think its a cultural thing, at least from reading chinese/japanese WN and manga the term "brother" is too loosely used, from childhood friends and sometimes kinda just new friends (as the seven Shrek devils were already brothers in a few months =p).

She would more likely be called his childhood friend that has been with him longer than anyone.

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3insest theme Empty Re: insest theme on Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:14 am


I personally don't see a problem with it, as long as it isn't a sister by blood. Cousin is fine imo.

What I've been wondering is, is Xiao Wu really not his sister?

I mean Tang San grew up without mother, but she should be/was powerful or special since her spirit has the same quality as the Sky Hammer and someone once said something like: "Tang San is the son of "her", how can he be common"

Coincidentally Xiao Wu, when she thinks back, it's only about her mother. No father? She can create her own spirit rings. Maybe it's an innate ability, maybe taught by spirit beasts, maybe taught by her mother. Maybe her mother is special?

Furthermore Xiao Wu has the Yearning Heartbroken Red. The story Tang San told was about two lovers unable to be together. The condition for it was "you must keep your beloved in your heart, with absolute sincerity". The same thing that Grandmaster and Erlong are doing (at the time GM tried the Yearning Heartbroken Red, it didn't work, because he was conflicted).

It would fit fate to pull the strings again: GM treats Tang San like his son, Erlong Xiao Wu like her daughter and then make them have the same fate like GM and Erlong.

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