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Discussion: Tang San Spirit rings in Chapter 127

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Hello erveryone,
did the author changed Tang San's 4th Spirit ring?
In chapter 86 it clearly says

While saying this, Grandmaster looked at Tang San with a somewhat puzzled gaze. He had

already taught Tang San enough that what he could see, Tang San clearly should also be able

to see. Since it was like this, why would he still hesitate? Man Faced Demon Spiders were

extremely rare. Because of their tyranny, they would frequently be jointly attacked by other spirit

beasts. Able to reach six thousand years of cultivation was already extraordinarily powerful. For

Tang San it was bound to have superb effect.

But against Grandmaster’s expectations, the always unusually obedient Tang San now shook

his head,

“I’m sorry, Teacher, can you let me choose this fourth spirit ring for myself? Dean Flender,

teacher Zhao, I choose that Pit Demon Spider.”

and when I read the new chapter today I was wondering why it's now a 6 thousand year old Man Faced Demon Spider.
So did the author get it wrong (most likely because godly Bagelson don't make mistakes)
or is it a translation error.

For referenz here the paragraph:

The lower four spider legs hoisted Tang San into the air. The now four meters long Eight

Spider Lances seemed even more frightening, especially those barbs were gleaming faint

blue, containing the combined poison of a two thousand year year Man Faced Demon

Spider and a six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider, further forged by the two great

cold and hot immortal herbs Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot

within Tang San. Even Dugu Bo wouldn’t dare say he could cure this kind of toxin.

Just wondering


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They're talking about the poison not the spirit ring. If you remember (I forgot which chapter it was) but Tang San used his Spider Lance to absorb a 6 thousand year man faced spider, thus powering up the poison of his 3rd spirit ring.

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Thanks a lot for solving my confusion Very Happy

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4Discussion: Tang San Spirit rings in Chapter 127 Empty poison on Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:26 pm


Actually its venom contained withind the spider lances aka his external spiritbone, not much to do with spirit ring abilities.

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