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Twin Spirits - Spirit Ring Cultivation Effect

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1Twin Spirits - Spirit Ring Cultivation Effect Empty Twin Spirits - Spirit Ring Cultivation Effect on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:35 pm

There have been some discussions concerning how cultivation of the second spirit works. The two possibilities mentioned are that either
1. The cultivation base is preset, so the Tang San could immediately add X rings to his Clear Sky Hammer, where X is his cultivation base / 10
2. He would need to cultivate each level from scratch (aside from his innate full spirit power)

I think that the first of those two possibilities is far more likely. At some point it was mentioned that you could continue to cultivate without absorbing a spirit ring, and that the effect of that cultivation would be evident as soon as the ring was absorbed. So, Tang San would "jump" straight to level 20 after absorbing the first ring for the Clear Sky Hammer. Assuming that this is true, I'm curious about the impact of spirit rings on his cultivation base. Adding a spirit ring normally adds one to spirit power cultivation, sometimes more if the ring is particularly potent compared to the current power base (unless I'm remembering that incorrectly). I believe as much as seven levels of his current cultivation base are from spirit rings.

In theory, unless there's some special rule that applies to twin spirits, Tang San should be able to gain multiple levels of cultivation just by absorbing spirit rings... If he waited until he actually reached Title Duoluo to start, he should easily be able to reach level 100 (assuming that's a hard cap).

Any thoughts on something I may be missing here?

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The ring thing, how it stores and all, is based on his foundation. For instance I'd he has his blue-sliver grass at 40 bur doesn't get a ring then he will stay at 40 until he gets a 5th spirit ring on either his grass or hammer. So right now he could go out and get 6 rings for his hammer back to back no problem because using his grass he proceeded to a rank 60 spirit master

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