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Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion

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1Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Sun Dec 14, 2014 4:46 pm

Pulled from the discussion doc:

Shak: heya guys long time no shee~  was at a tournament for the last 2 days so finally back and read all the stuff till now and damn nice stuff thx bagel.
Now for the stuff that has happened in the novel one thing which is fairly easy to deduce and i think it isn't really noteworthy to mention, but i want to ^^ has a lot to do with the title of last chapter.
No one knows what the heck happened to tang san with the spider legs an all right?
One thing i can think of as everyone probably  guessed pretty much is that that some spirit master in history got an upgrade to their spirits which they probably called evolution that can happen to any spiritmaster like evolving from dagger to military knife or sword or going from short bow to long bow, kitten to tiger
Thevampirate: look at the next chapter title for a spoiler on what it is, grand master knows what it is. Spirits naturally can change slightly with each ring however its not going to go from a dagger to a Scimitar but it might get a little larger. Notice that they talk about the changes in Tang’s grass with each ring.
Shak: y i understand that part but that was kinda normal till now but the spider legs are far more than a slight change in appearance color etc i was talking about real evolution oh stupid of me u meant only for tool spirits, that is a possibility.
TheVampirate: Ah yes, the legs have nothing to do with his ability
Shak: ok  that is cewl ~ as the last chapter had the tile “Post evolution” i get the idea either he will complete the evolution with the next ring aka 4th one or he will just need to sleep and eat a few days and cultivate a bit to be fully evolve only thing i don't know how far an evolution can go spider legs much?? like my previous example i seriously don't know if its 100% just speculation
TheVampirate: The “Post-Evoluton Might” was refering to his abilities and change in spirit post 3rd spirit evolution. “Chapter 38:Externally Attached Spirit Bone” might have more in store about the external parts.
Shak: but “post” means the calm before the storm so if that was the case shouldn't they say tang san evolved or something why the post-evolution?
TheVampirate:Post meaning after, like Pre-evolution vs Post-evolution.
Shak: i seriously hope the condition as evolving exists in doulou world otherwise it feels like the author loves tang san to much as spider legs is freaking op.
Imyvis: I dont think there is an Evolution Theory in Douluo world as that Spirit completly change or upgrade over a certain point
TheVampirate: There’s no evolution like changing spirits but you can kind of evolve spirits in your offspring with variation spirits.
Shak: Think of it this way guys we arent even thru 1/10th of the story we don't even know anything about twin spirits it is highly possible that everything that happens after 3rd spirit ring will reveal some rules we don't know of like tang san being able to infuse his hammer with spirit rings so the Spirit theorie as we know it is may-be only 1/100th of what we know(even getting 100th rank can mean changing in a human/spirit).
TheVampirate: I think Grandmaster was just talking about that in the previous chapter how its fixed at birth. Also Grandmaster did some talking about the twin spirits early on but it wasnt super detailed.
Shak:the grand master towards the end of his conversation with flander said something like it could be that !!  and flander was like u dont mean? and grandmaster was like hm can't be sure till i see him, so i think he has an idea about something quite rare that some people do know of but they haven't mentioned it yet and then grandmaster said u dont know anything about tang sans potential yet i would not become his teacher if he only had blue spirit grass ^^.
TheVampirate: That was referring to his twin spirits and I believe he was talking to flander about the benefits of having two
Shak: grandmaster would not refer to twin spirits if they were talking about his spider legs if he said “it could be that”(btw i do sound a bit matter of fact just being me).

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2Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:35 pm

The story has previously used "evolving" about the change that occurs in spirits when they obtain another spirit ring. It's not some rare thing.

Regarding the conversation, I think that Grandmaster teasing about what he might know about Tang San's spider legs was a separate matter from him suddenly shocking Flender with twin spirits.

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3Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:38 am

Truthfully i think the reason for him to suddenly grow legs is because of the fact that the spirit ring was too powerful, and to vent its rest energy it enhanced his body in some odd way. But thats just what i think, We will most likely find out in the future chapters Very Happy

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4Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:15 am

I'm still imagining he will be able to use them as a surprise weapon to stab people with. Or with that poison, if he's surrounded he can just stretch them out as far as possible and spin a bit - giant poisoned sawblade.

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5Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Mon Dec 15, 2014 1:54 pm

If the title of the next chapter is External Spirit Bones, Grandmaster actually mentioned spirit bones before, in that saying. "Rings many, bones many, power surges, rings few, bones few, run for your life". (I'm paraphrasing). Then he said, "I'll tell you about spirit bones later."

So the legs are probably spirit bones. And the reason that Zhao Wuji has never seen such a thing before could have to do with the fact that he's A) young (in comparison to many people of his rank) and B) unconnected to any sort of major power.

So the reason the next chapter is explicitly called "External Spirit Bones" is because most spirit bones are formed inside the body, when absorbing a particularly suitable (or tough) spirit. Probably.

So, the fun part is, what are spirit bones?

I have two theories: one is that they are relics left behind by spirit masters of ancient times, and no one knows how to make them anymore. They serve a purpose very similar to spirit tools, or serve in the creation of spirit tools. Tang San has just rediscovered how to do it, by withstanding a spirit ring that he shouldn't have been able to absorb

The other is that, when a spirit ring absorption process gets really difficult for the spirit master, or when the spirit ring is particularly suitable for that spirit master, he forms what is called a spirit bone, which does one of three things: aids in future cultivation, increases spirit power, right off the bat, or increases physical power/regeneration.

I don't know anything for sure, I'm just speculating.

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6Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:08 am

Should I enlighten... Edit: nope spoilers in spoilers section. Had I not already known I might have been angry. Wait like 1 ch then you can explicitly say it --TheVampirate

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7Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Tue Dec 16, 2014 3:59 pm

So we've learned that Tang San's spider legs will evolve as he gains spirit rings. I struck me that, if he can separately add spirit rings to his hammer, does that mean his spider legs can evolve 15 times?

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8Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:08 pm

I was under the impression that each 10 ranks he unlocks a "spirit ring slot" in both spirits and he's waiting until he reaches 90+ rank to only use high-end spirit rings in the hammer.
Going by this, the he'll have "15 spirit power boosts" from rings, but only actually 6 more upgrades.

If not, then he'll have to cultivate to the 200th level? O_O

The difference: It's like Grandmaster said. Even if you a 10-year ring and 99-year ring are both "white" the power boost will greatly vary, that's why he aims for the oldest possible and most compatibly spirit rings. But the spirit power still increases in the in-between cultivations, right?
So the two situations have some difference actually.

Note: I'm considering cultivation level to be the equivalent to 'age' in spirit beasts.

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9Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:08 pm

seeing how these spiderlegs are actually "vertebra", does this mean that sang will essentially run around with 12 legs? 8 spider, 2 "leg spot bones" and his own puny human legs? Essentially turning him into a human centipede? or "just" 10 i guess if the leg bones are inside of him...

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10Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:47 pm

I still think it's unlikely that he'll actually be able to absorb more than 9 rings. I think there's some advantage to waiting till he can add high level rings to his hammer, but not something as OP as being able to add further 9 rings beyond 9 on the Blue Silver Grass.

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11Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:52 pm

According to Grandmaster Theory one cannot absorb spirit ring more powerful than one can handle because if one cannot succeed in absorbing it, will cause body to explode and thus die.
And because of it exist Spirit Ring limit theory to prevent this to happen.

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12Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:23 pm

We'll meet some plot device for this later, I'm sure.
Like a legendary ring that allows extra rings; or to absorb rings without penalty.

But I still think he has 9 extra ring slots in the hammer. The question is "how" they'll be accessible.
a) Slots are unlocked at the same time as Silver Grass, so he has 3 free slots currently;
b) Slots need more cultivation to increase spirit power capacity to hold the new rings (up to 200th rank).

If a) it explains why they want him to wait. To put OP rings after you used Silver Grass as scapegoat;
If b) maybe it's because it's a special spirit and each ring added to it gives a super spirit power boost that could be dangerous in his current limited self.

Or something.

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13Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion Empty Re: Tang's Spider Spirit legs discussion on Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:25 am

EDIT; Sorry Didnt Notice The Necro, Im Really SORRY, Thought The The Forum Was All Brand New  Embarassed
-------------------- ------------------------- --------------------
Hi Guys

I Am New To The Forum Fast Info: "Just Reached Manhuwa 147 Today and 036 Novel"

My Take On This Through Reading The Comments And Knowledge Known By Me,
GrandMaster Left So Many Hints (One Has To Puzzle It Through, Kinda Fun To Be Truthful)

-------------------- ------------------------- --------------------

This Is My Theroy:

-------------------- ------------------------- --------------------

Having "Twin-Spirits" In The First place Is So Rare And UnChartered Territory
For GM (GrandMaster) So He Knows Little About It

After All He Did Say The Power He Could Have In Future Is UnImagenable
So Knowing This We All Kinda Suspected Tang Would Be Able To Absorb That Spider In The End

All The Bones Cracking Gave hints As, GM, Did Mention Evolves And All Spirit Things
" One Can Seemingly NOT Imagen the Power He Really Has Deep Inside "

So I Would Say This As Well:
Having Twin Spirits By Default He Seems To Have The Capacity To
Allready Absorb Vastly higher Spirit Rings Then The Normal Limits

Through Seeing As He Just Did That
Also Results In His Limits Flying Higher Yet Again

This Would Suggest Next Ring (4th) Could Probably, Yet Again,
Go Well Over Normal Peoples Limit, As The 3rd increased His Power In So Many Ways

Following This Idea Makes One Wonder,
If Continued In This Direction, His Body May As Well,
Be Able To Absord Those Extra 9 Rings Spooken Of In The Comments

So His Body Is Stronger Then Average:
Due To "Hidden Weapon Cultivation"
Due To "Twin Spirits"
Due To "Spirit Bones"
Due To "Going Over The Limits"

To See What I See, One Has To Remember Following Things:

Most People Seemed To Have White First Rings, No?

Tang Could have Yellow, Through Some Struggling Of Course, But, He Was Able

This Strengthens My Theory About Becoming Stronger, As In:
Accepting Stronger Spirit Rings yet Again Strengthens The Max Level of The Next Rings,
As He Seems To have Done it 3 Times now

This Means As He Keeps Growing Stronger, It Seems Not To Far Fetched

-------------------- ------------------------- --------------------

My Other Theory About The 9th Extra(, Seems To be A Nice Topic)

-------------------- ------------------------- --------------------

I Think Having Thos 9 Extra Would Probably Be Bound To That Spirit
Seeing how both GM, and Tang Hao Mentioned He Shouldnt Absord them To The Hammer

This Also Hints Following Things To Me:

*Rings Added By The Blue Silver Grass, Adds To The Spirit, Not Incontact With The Hammer, Will Cause No Conflict

*Rings Added To Blue Silver Grass While Strengthen The Grass, Not InContact With The Hammer Wont Affect It

These Two Facts Was Drawn From The Fact:

Spirit Tools Affects Only The Spirit It Self,
This Suggests That Unlike The Grass, It Wont Cause As Much Stress On Tang
As He Absorbs The Rings To The Hammer

As Changes And Power Are Absorded By The Tool, Like Dragon Fathers Cane, Grows As He Grows more Powerful

Same Thing Would Happen To The Hammer,
So Im Pretty Confident That The Grass And Hammer Could Very Much So
Have Seperate Rings, For The Seperate Spirits

Imagen The Scenario,
Tang San Got His 9th Ring (Imagen Only)
Has his Bodys Spirit Power Drawn To Insane Levels
While Absorbing The Rings To The Hammer, As It Is A Tool Spirit,
The Spirit Power Goes To The Hammer This Happening Would Suggest That The Only Stress On Tang Directly
Is Keeping It Summoned, And Calm

Other Then This It Currently Unknown What Realy happens As A Tool Master Absorbs The Ring To The Tool

Howerver Is Think:

Only When Drawn Would Thier Powers Be Drawn As Well,
Just As They Are Seperate Spirits
With Seperate Types Of Spirits As well, In The End

-------------------- ------------------------- --------------------

I Sincerely Hope I Make Sense
As I Had To Edit The Lines A Couple Of Times
Just To Make Sure It Sounded As Straigth To The Point As Possible

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