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[Spoiler Request] 7 shrek devil's other rings

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A lot of spoiler questions revolves around MC and his rings/dad/GF/mom etc.

But not much has leaked out on the other team members.
I gather that they will meet up afterwards with some serious upgrades.

Can anyone give some hints of the rings power and rings colors after they meet up again?
I'm mostly interested in Oscar's potential.

Where I've reached he was hinting on getting stronger but I'd really like to know more about that.

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Oscar Spoiler:

Oscar needs to get stronger to be with Rong Rong, in her Clan Supports can only be together with Attack Spirit Masters to strengthen the Family, probably why Bone and Sword-Doulu are in the Family.
He goes away to seek for an answer and comes up with a pretty sick 6th Ring, this one allows him to take the blood of someone and use his techniques at a higher spirit power price.

Here is a list of all his spirit Rings:
Ring 1: Restoration/Recovery
Ring 2: Detoxification (medium level, can’t detox deadly venoms,etc)
Ring 3: Fairy Wings Speed Boost, Flight
Ring 4: 10% all attributes
Ring 5: 30% soul increase, Side effects
Ring 6: Mirror Sausage ­ With blood droplet of a spirit user, clone abilities, at a higher spirit
energy cost
Ring 7: Sausage Mami ­ Double effects of sausages and incarnation speed(the time it takes
          him to create the sausages) and +50% soul force if a teammate eats it
Ring 8: Instant cure, plus 50% physical recovery
Ring 9: Divine Ring: 50% instant recovery of all energy­

Oscar is one of the more interesting Characters in terms of Spirit Rings, but most of them get some divine rings.
In terms of color I can't tell you much, most of them get more black rings, not a lot of red in there except Tang-San of course.

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